Kate Mara Short Straight Formal Hairstyle

Added: 16th August 2015
This brown mane is cut short up and around the ears blending into the top length which is jagged cut and styled to the side to create this sexy 'do best suited for those wanting a hairstyle that is easy to manage with regular trims. Product is needed to pinch through all over for texture and definition.

Kate Mara looks chic and sophisticated in a layered pixie cut here that shows off all of her best features. Women with a strong bone structure and classic sense of style like Kate will look best in this ‘do, which has a classic, timeless feel to it. Kate has an oval face shape, which means she can pull off any style, including an ultra short one like this. She also has strong cheekbones and a well-defined jaw line which both benefit from a cut like this one. The jagged fringe adds a nice finishing touch and brings the focus to Kate’s eyes.

Color-wise, Kate is suited to reddish brown tones thanks to her cool, fair complexion and intense amber eye color. Her glossy mahogany brown tone here is just right for her skin as it brings out her rosy cheeks, plus it highlights her eye color. The rich monochromatic shade shows off her fabulous cut too.

Kate Mara is an American actress who starred in the political drama House of Cards.