Short Straight Casual Pixie Hairstyle

Added: 4th December 2017
The sides and back of this chic 'do are clipper cut close to the head while the top is jagged cut to the side for a textured look and feel all over. The bangs are swept across the forehead and layer cut to soften the face and complete the over-all hairstyle well. Regular trims is needed every 4-6 weeks to maintain this shape.

Our model is sporting a sexy pixie cut here with fabulous results. This jagged cut ‘do is ideal for ladies like her who have strong facial features and bone structure. Our model has an oblong face and square jaw line which benefits from short styles like this one that camouflages her high forehead and brings the attention to her eyes and strong cheekbones. Her straight hair texture works well with this ‘do too as the layers add shape and body all over, along with oodles of volume at the crown. For fashion-forward ladies who like a stylish easy-to-do hairstyle, this pixie cut is an excellent option.

Our model has fair skin that has some pink undertones to it, and dark brown eyes. She is best suited to copper red, blonde and brown tones that warm up her skin and bring out her eyes. The duotone look seen here combines two of these colors for a fabulous finish--strawberry blonde on the top layers and dark copper on the bottom layers combine to create a gorgeous result. For an ultra fashion forward feel- the hair has been separated into horizontal sections and colored for a striking contrast. This is an ideal color technique for ladies who want to make a statement and who are bored with the traditional highlighting/coloring looks. Regular color touch ups are needed to tackle root re-growth and also keep these vibrant colors looking fresh.