Emily Blunt Medium Wavy Casual Wedding Hairstyle

Added: 17th October 2016
This medium length 'do is pulled back, twisted and pinned to the back of the head to create this fancy 'do that will turn heads at any occasion. The stunning hairstyle is easy to re-create with the right tools and needs strong hold product to keep it in place all day or night.

Emily Blunt goes for a modern updo here with soft twists weaved throughout. Emily usually keeps her hair medium length which suits her triangular shaped face. Here she nicely softens up her stronger jawline by wearing some tendrils out around her face while the rest of the hair is swept back. The deep side part and side-sweeping look gives her broad forehead some coverage while creating a romantic, feminine finish.

Emily has blue eyes and a peachy skin tone which makes her suited to golden blonde tones and brunette shades the best. Emily goes for a multidimensional highlighted blonde base here with subtle gold highlights throughout. This gives her hair a natural looking medium blonde tone which flatters her peachy complexion and showcases her eyes. Her roots are showing her natural brunette color, which adds even more dimension to this 'do.

Emily Blunt is an English-born American actress. She made her professional debut in The Royal Family. Her screen debut was in the 2003 television film Boudica.