Adrianne Palicki Long Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Added: 16th August 2015
These honey blonde tresses are worn over one shoulder showing off the loose waves dressed through the mid-lengths to ends giving this casual look movement and shape. The top is parted on the side making this a great look to frame a long face. Regular trims is needed every 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends.

Adrianne Palicki goes for a long, curly hairstyle here that is perfect for the summer. Her golden blonde locks have been styled into a soft curly ‘do that brings out her best features. Adrianne has a heart-shaped face with a well defined chin area and short forehead. Her long curls soften up her jaw line nicely while the flipped over part is ideal for her forehead as it gives her face a more open look (bangs, on the other hand would give Adrianne a boxed-in look). This hairstyle has a glamorous feel to it but doesn’t look too over-styled, making it suitable for the daytime as well.

Adrianne has a tanned, warm complexion, which makes her suited to golden shades of blonde and brown. Here she is flaunting a dark golden blonde shade that gives her a sun-kissed beachy look and intensifies her blue eye color.

Adrianne Palicki is an American actress best known for her roles as Tyra Collette in the television series Friday Night Lights.




1 . Apply Mousse

Apply styling mousse to damp hair, using your palm as a measuring guide, and evenly distribute it along the hair shaft. Styling mousse will add hold and can help achieve better results.

2 . Use a Medium Radial Brush

A medium radial brush is used on medium to long hair types to smooth out wavy or curly hair textures or to add body to straight hair. When selecting a radial brush, always use one with a pure bristle as this will not tear or damage the hair.

3 . Blow-dry the Back Under

To blow-dry under, start at the nape/back and place your brush under the section of hair close to the nape. With the dryer held up over the hair, pull the brush from the roots and continue to the mid length's, keeping the blow-dryer following over the top. Once you reach the ends, curve them under. Repeat this step until the section is completely dry.

4 . Blow-dry the Sides Under

To blow-dry the sides, take out a small section of hair from the front and clip the rest of the hair away. Next, place the brush under the section and then pull the brush and hair forward around your face (this curving motion creates body). Place the hair-dryer on top of the brush until you reach the ends and then turn the ends under. Repeat until dry.

5 . Piece the Ends Using Wax

Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and then lightly piece and pinch the ends of your hair.

6 . Apply Smoothing Shine

Apply a very small amount of smoothing shine to the palms of your hands and then run it through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Be careful not to add any to the roots or a large amount to any section of the hair as smoothing shine can be very heavy on the hair, weighing it down and making it appear oily.

7 . Apply Hairspray

To finish, apply a minimal amount of hairspray from an arms length distance to the top, sides and back. Take care not to use too much or you will end up with a white, flaky residue which looks like dandruff.