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Short Hairstyles on the Red Carpet

Short hairstyles are gaining popularity again on celebrity women of all ages. Read More »

How to get Maddie Hasson’s Hair and Makeup

Maddie’s hairstyle and makeup is easy to create and looks ultra-cool. Read More »

Paz Vega's Hairstyles and Makeup

Let's take a look at Paz's hair and makeup and find out what she uses to maintain her gorgeous looks. Read More »

Terri Seymour’s Hairstyle and Makeup Evolution

Terri’s style evolution has been subtle, but she has always managed to look fab. Read More »

Cat Deeley’s Hairstyles: Is She Stuck In A Rut?

It seems like Cat has been rocking the same look for her whole career. Read More »

Julianne Hough’s Perfect Messy Bob

Julianne’s messy bob may look chic and effortless, but it does take a bit of work to look that good. Read More »

How to Get Sofia Coppola’s Look

If you love Sofia Coppola’s style, check out these ways to copy her look. Read More »

Heather Tom Hairstyles - From Blonde to Brown

Check out how Heather made the gradual transition from blonde to brunette. Read More »

The Best and the Worst 2013 VMA Hairstyles

Here are just a few of the best and worst hairstyles from the 2013 VMAs. Read More »

Ciara’s Ombre Hairstyle

If you love the way Ciara looks, check out how you can achieve her styles. Read More »

Jenny McCarthy - A Style Regression?

Jenny McCarthy's latest look unfortunately screams, "Look at me!" – and not in a good way. Read More »

Blow-Wave Basics: Hairstyling Tips for a Professional Finish at Home

We give you all the styling tips and basics you need to know to get a salon blow-wave at home. Read More »

Shaved Hairstyles Inspired by Rihanna

Get inspired to try a shaved hairstyle with these ideas from Rihanna! Read More »

Hair Styling Tips for Women over 40

If you've hit a certain age and have fallen for the cliché of sticking to the hairstyle you've been sporting for the last decade, opting for the chop or going grey because that's what ladies do to their hair after 40 then it's time to rethink the hair rules! Read More »

Casual Short Crops

Get some new inspiration for your short hair with these casual crop styling ideas. Read More »

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