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Hair Color to Have the Time of Your Life By

Imagine a world without color. All your favorite things would be in shades of grey. Like an overcast day, everything would be dull and boring. Read More »

Dark Hair: Six Reasons it'll Knock Their Socks Off

As part of his series "Hair Color Essentials", Rocco Starr explains six show stopping benefits of dark hair. You'll be surprised how dark hair is more than just a simple hair color! Read More »

Hair Color Essentials, Part One

Hair color is certainly something you can stuff up. But it's easy to get it right and have hair color that suits you and doesn't destroy your hair. Read part one of THS' series on hair color and find out how. Read More »

Red Hair Coloring is Hot

Red hair coloring will make you look striking, captivating and daring. It demands attention and stirs emotions. Red hair is not only an eye-catching color, but since scientists are predicting that natural red heads are getting increasingly rare, coloring your hair red will also increase your aura of individuality and mystique. So I recommend giving red a go! Below are some tips about coloring your hair red as well as some great pictures of celebrities with red hair. Read More »

Hair Color That's Best for You: Semi-Permanent, Bleach or Tint?

I'm going to help you choose the type of hair color that's best for you Read More »

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