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Hair Color: Before and After Tips for Your Best Color Ever!

Find out what you can do before and after coloring your hair to ensure a great result. Read More »

Hair Color Guideline: When to Color Before an Event

If you're thinking of coloring your hair before a big event then this hair color guideline will let you know when to do it to get the best results. Read More »

Hair Highlights: Tips and Ideas

If you love highlights then we've got some great tips and ideas for you! Read More »

Hair Color Trends to Try!

Give these hair color trends a try today to spice up your look! Read More »

Blonde Hair Color Tips, Tricks and Suggestions

If you're a blonde who wants to have more fun, or you're thinking about going blonde, then these tips, tricks and blonde hair color suggestions are for you!. Read More »

Hair Color Suggestions to Compliment Your Shade

Try these great hair color suggestions to enhance your red, brown or blonde hair color! Read More »

Hair Coloring Fun for Short, Medium and Long Hair

How do you make your hair cut even better? Add some hair color! Read More »

Hair Coloring Fears Answered

Are you thinking of coloring your hair but there's something holding you back? Do you have a hair coloring fear? Don't worry, it's normal, and to help you get over your anxiety we've asked our experts to answer all the most commonly asked hair color questions. Check them out below. Read More »

Brown Hair Color Tips: Making the Most of Your Shade

Try these brown hair color tips to enhance your brunette shade. Read More »

Brown Hair Color Tips: Maintenance

Two of the best things about brown hair color are the great choices of color (think scrumptious chocolate browns and luscious light shadings of caramel and chestnut) and the unbeatable shine. Read More »

Brown Hair Color Tips: Get the Perfect Color for You

Changing your hair color can have a big impact on the way you look and even how you feel, especially if you’re going for a color change that is drastically different from your natural hair color or the hair color you’ve been sporting for the last few years. Read More »

Brown Hair: The Most Underrated Hair Color

Read the tips and check out our hair gallery below to get some great ideas about fabulous brown hair color. Read More »

Black Hair Color Change

If you're thinking of coloring your hair black, you've already colored it black, or you colored your hair black and you want to go back to your original shade (maybe it was a disaster), then this feature article's definitely for you. Roger Dawkins caught up with a friend who recently did all of those things to her hair; he asked her, based on her first hand experience, what she thinks you should look out for when coloring your hair black. Ah, hindsight is a beautiful thing. Read More »

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde hair color looks great but special care should be taken if you're thinking of taking the leap and trying it. As part of's in-depth hair care advice and hair color articles, we'll give you some tips about platinum blonde hair color and show you some celebrities with sexy, captivating and daring platinum blonde hair. Read More »

Same Haircut Different Hair Color for Medium Concave Bobs

Have you ever wondered what your new 'do would look like colored in different ways? With so many color choices, it's easy to be overwhelmed and a little anxious about changing your hair color as it may not turn out the way you hoped. Read More »

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