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Common Hair Conditions and What You Can Do About Them

At some point in our life we've all had a hair condition that played havoc with our locks, so THS has put together a guide for the most common hair conditions and what you can do about them. Read More »

Hair Products Review: Stay Cool This Season

Check out some essential hair care products from Bumble and bumble and American Crew. Read More »

Hair Brushes: Types and Tips

Hair brushes are a must have tool when it comes to looking after and styling your locks, and these facts and tips about the different types of hair brushes will help you make the most of these essential tools. Read More »

Hair Care Special: Shampoo, Conditioner... Beer?

Hair care should be a priority regardless of global financial crises. And you know what? You don't necessarily need a huge disposable income to take care of your hair. Do what Catherine Zeta-Jones does and get your hair care products in the same aisle as your food and beer. Read More »

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