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The Best Hair Products for Your Hair

When it comes to caring for your hair and knowing what hair products to use it's very easy to get confused. Read More »

Hair Care Advice: Damaged Hair

Even the most cared for hair is damaged to some degree, and while we can't avoid hair damage completely, knowing the causes can help us to limit it. Read More »

Makeover Preparation for a Perfect New Look

A makeover is easy with's professional advice. Below is a checklist of all the important things you need to think about before getting a makeover. Try out a few makeover ideas yourself using's Virtual Hairstyler. Read More »

Natural Hair Love Affair

Follow in the footsteps of these celebrities: embrace your natural beauty by saying no every so often to chemicals, treatments and straightening procedures and get yourself a natural hair style instead. Read More »

Your New Hairstylist and You

This article follows on from How to Spot the Best Hair Salon. It picks up where the other left off by answering the following question: Now that you've found the best hair salon what should you talk to your new stylist about? Read More »

How to Spot the Best Hair Salon

Finding a new hair salon can be difficult, there's no doubt about it. In this article are a few simple ideas- a few things to look out for- that will give you a great starting point for separating the best from the rest in the world of hair salons. Read More »

Long Hair Style Life Lessons

Many women dream about having long hair and wearing a sexy long hair style, but quite often the idea gets tossed into the too hard basket. Why? Growing it requires too much patience and they assume the maintenance would be too difficult. Well that's not necessarily true. Sue Leeson explains why... Read More »

Hair Accessories: The Definitive Guide

Hair accessories come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Many are great for securing your hairstyles, some are a good way of getting your bangs off your face, and others work just as well as hair adornments. Check out THS' hair accessories definitive guide and work out which ones suit your look best. Read More »

Hair Straighteners and Hair Shaping Tools

Whether you have naturally straight hair and want it curly, or wavy hair that needs a bit more kink, there is bound to be a device that will help you achieve the look you want and by using's glossary on the most popular hair shapers you'll be an expert in no time. Read More »

Hair Styling Products

Not sure which hair styling product to use for your hairstyle? Don't worry, has your questions covered! Read More »

Hair Brush and Other Hair Care Myths

When trying to work out what is good for your hair and what isn't, sometimes you can be told the weirdest things. So, THS has decided to do some research into the top 10 craziest hair myths and see if they really work. Read More »

Caring for Curly Hair

Ask any person with naturally curly hair what they think of it and unfortunately most will probably say they hate it. Read More »

How to Get Sexy Healthy Summer Hair in Six Easy Steps

It's summer time, and if you can't control your fly-away bits, you want to protect your hair from the sun's harsh UV rays, or you're after beautiful shiny locks, then THS has the tips for you. Read More »

Daily Hair Care Routine in Six Easy Steps

Trying to look after your hair and get all that everyday stuff done you need to do, as well as look after your friends and family, can be a difficult balancing act. We all want to have great hair; but unfortunately, shiny, healthy hair doesn't just happen without a little bit of effort. Read More »

Regrowth & Frizzy Hair: Hair Problems Solved!

Regrowth, frizzy hair and oily hair are all hair problems that (even with a dedicated hair care routine) can become an everyday frustration. But fear not! Whether you've woken up looking like you've dipped your head in a vat of oil or your cowlick just won't stay put, has the solutions for you. Read More »

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