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Meg Ryan's Hair Teaches a Valuable Lesson

Meg Ryan's hair can teach us all a valuable lesson, and even though we're already really familiar with Meg Ryan's hairdos, I still think we should take another good look and take special note. So dig out When Harry Met Sally, French Kiss, You've Got Mail and Proof of Life, and take a long hard look our hairstyle pictures too. Read More »

Bad Hair Comes at a Cost

Celebrities who earn stupidly high salaries for their movies or TV or whatever give me indigestion. Nicole Kidman, Hugh Laurie... gimme a break! The only thing that makes the whole thing a little bit more digestible is when the stars give heaps of their cash away (like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and the recently passed Paul Newman). And you know what? Something which makes me likely to vomit is when they earn all that money and their hairstyles stink. Read More »

Boohoo for the Olsen Twins' "Boho Chic" Wavy Hairstyles

There's always something slightly wrong about those Olsen twins- Mary Kate and Ashley- and I always notice. They've usually got great hairstyles, and often they're hanging around somewhere most people would love to be, but there's just something not quite right about photos of them. Read More »

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