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Before and After Makeover

Find out how a new hairstyle, haircut, hair color or makeup look can transform someone's entire style with these before and after makeovers! Read More »

Makeup Rules: Highlight Basics

We let you in on the two basic highlighting rules that will give your makeup a fantastic, celeb-worthy finish. Read More »

The Best Eye Shadow Ideas for Your Eye Shape

Use these easy eye shadow ideas to enhance your eye shape. Read More »

Foundation Tips for a Cake-Free Finish

Even though you've probably tried to avoid it, at some point, if you're a foundation wearer, chances are you've sported a caked on look. Read More »

Touch Up Tips for Makeup Mistakes

Use these touch up tips to fix up your makeup mistakes before leaving the house. Read More »

Double Duty Hair and Beauty Products

If the thought of getting both your hair and makeup sorted seems like an impossible challenge that is going to cost you time and space with a million different products then it's time to think again! Read More »

Makeup Ideas for Red Hair Colors

Complement your dark or light red hair color with these makeup ideas. Read More »

Skin Care Ritual: Night-time Beauty Routine Ideas

Care for your skin when it'll get the most benefit with these night-time beauty routine ideas. Read More »

The Best Makeup Colors for Redheads

Find out how to make the most of your red locks with complementing makeup colors. Read More »

Hair and Makeup Don'ts

Find out which looks to avoid with help from these hair and makeup disasters. Read More »

Flawless Foundation for Brunettes

We let you know how to pull off a flawless foundation look that will enhance your brunette hair. Read More »

The Best Lipstick Colors for Brunettes

Find the perfect lipstick color for your brunette hair with help from these makeup ideas. Read More »

The Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brunettes

Find the perfect eye shadow shade for your brunette hair with help from these makeup ideas. Read More »

Hair and Beauty Treatment Tips for Oily Hair and Skin

Make the most of your oily hair and skin beauty treatments with these tips. Read More »

Hair and Beauty Treatment Tips for Dry Hair and Skin

If you suffer from dry hair and skin then get some relief with these hair and beauty treatment tips. Read More »

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