The Soundtrack to Your Hairstyle

By Roger (

Imagine you're in a movie. It's an important scene and the focus is on you and your hairstyle. There's a close up; maybe the breeze is blowing your locks gently. What music would be playing on the soundtrack?

Hairstyles and music go together really well. Below are four of my favorite celebrity hairstyles and the soundtrack I think suits them. What do you think? Do you hear the same music when you look at these hairstyles?


Hairstyle: Angelina Jolie's Long Straight Locks

Soundtrack: Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World”

Angelina Jolie hairstylesI hear this music when I look at Angelina Jolie and her hairstyle because I think she probably plays it in her Ipod while gazing from the window of her private jet down on the barren fields of the third world. Her dream of a “wonderful world” is what drives her on her benevolent missions.







Hairstyle: Amy Winehouse's Beehive

Soundtrack: The Beatles, “It's Been a Hard Days Night”

Amy Winehouse hairstylesMy mother used to say of my disheveled hair that I look like I've been “dragged though a bush backwards.” That's how Amy looks all the time. She's had a hard day, night and following morning—all without sleeping. Her hair totally looks the part. Forget the cosmetic surgery Amy and do something about your hair.







Hairstyle: George Clooney's Slicked Back Side Part

Soundtrack: Frank Sinatra, “New York, New York”

George Clooney hairstylesGeorge is a classy guy with classy hair and this is a classy song so they go together perfectly. When's he got his suit and tie on and he's getting all serious- yet charismatic- and doing his UN benevolent thing at a meeting on TV he looks like he could just as easily step off the set and into a musical with Gene Kelly.







Hairstyle: Rihanna's Crop

Soundtrack: Prince, “Kiss”

Rihanna hairstylesI think Rihanna's like Beyonce with a bit more Prince. The Prince in her gives her the attitude, sexiness and gentle sleaziness that Beyonce lacks. I think it's her hair mainly. And the tattoos. Listen to the song and tell me it don't fit.






Of course a hairstyle can have many different soundtracks, but these ones play the loudest. What's the soundtrack to your hairstyle? Maybe a good way to choose a new hairstyle is based on the soundtrack you think would accompany it. Think of a soundtrack, find a hairstyle and try it on using our Virtual Hairstyler.