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Pilates? Get Real!

There's definitely a certain kind of person who does pilates, right? And there's no way that person is Miley Cyrus. No way. But what about these other celebs...?

"10 Most Fascinating People" with Great Hair puts its own spin on Barbara Walters' list of "10 Most Fascinating People" 2009.

5 Romantic Movies for Guys who Don't Like "Romantic Movies"

It's not true that all guys hate romantic comedies. What are your favorites?

Bad and Worse Celebrity Halloween Outfits '09

These celebrities look scary in their Halloween outfits for all the wrong reasons. They're not scary in a ghost and ghoul other-worldly kind of way. They're scary because they're clearly insane for thinking these outfits look good.

The Soundtrack to Your Hairstyle

Imagine you're in a movie. It's an important scene and the focus is on you and your hairstyle. There's a close up; maybe the breeze is blowing your locks gently. What music would be playing on the soundtrack?

Ladette Hairstyles 101

Find out about the latest new fashion, hair and lifestyle trend: the ladette!

Five Things Men Need Right Now keeps you up to date on men's fashion and hairstyles too.

Miley Cyrus is Critical of YOU

Miley Cyrus has canned her Twitter account and it seems to be because of you, dear cyber-surfer. Find out more...

Chris Rock's <em>Good Hair</em>

Chris Rock's new movie is called Good Hair and a recent review describes it as "a social and cultural examination of African American hairstyles." It looks funny too. Check out the trailer below...

<em>A Nightmare on Elm Street</em> Remake Trailer

Johnny Depp made the original A Nightmare on Elm Street pretty epic. Could the new one get any better? Check out the trailer below.

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