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The Best and Worst Hairstyles from the 2011 Golden Globe Awards

Find out which celebrity hairstyles got our vote as the best and worst looks at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards!

Must Try Hair Color Trends

If you're looking for a new hue then these must try hair color trends are for you!

Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas to Snap You Out of a Styling Rut

If you're in a hairstyle rut then we've got some great celebrity hairstyle ideas for you!

The Best Hairstyles from the American Music Awards 2010

Find out which celebrity hairstyles got our vote as the best looks at the 2010 American Music Awards!.

Celebrity Hairstyle Steal: Short Hair

We take a look at some short celebrity hairstyles that are worthy of stealing.

Celebrity Hairstyle Steal: Hair Color

We take a look at some of the latest celebrity hair colors that are worthy of stealing.

Retro Hair

We take a look at some retro hairstyles from the world's biggest celebrities and decide what's hot and what's not!

Celebrity Haircuts They'll Regret

Check out these awful celebrity haircuts. I'm sure you'll agree that if they don't regret them already they surely will very soon.

Celebrity "Tools" and Their Hairstyles

Some celebrities, hairstyles and all, seem to really get on people's nerves. Do you think the following celebrities are annoying too?

Shocking Celebrity Hairstyles

Sometimes the hairstyles that celebrities wear are just plain shocking...

Your Ultimate Celebrity Hairstyles?

If you could have any celebrity hairstyles, which ones would you have?

Lily Allen: Bad Hair of the Year?

What do you think of Lily Allen? And how about her new hairstyle? Have your say at TheHairStyler.com...

Celebrity Sex Scandal Hairstyles

Check out Roger's top 5 list of celebrity hairstyles with a difference.

Grow Up Paris & Lose Your Headband, Not

Paris Hilton illustrates perfectly the versatility of headbands. Check out the examples below and tell us what you think.

Celebrity Swimsuit Hairstyles

If you're thinking of buying a new swimsuit then you might like to consider a great hairstyle to go with it. Read these suggestions below and add your own in the comments.

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