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Brittany Murphy Dies

Brittany Murphy, aged 32, has died of a heart attack in Los Angeles.

Celebrity Haircuts They'll Regret

Check out these awful celebrity haircuts. I'm sure you'll agree that if they don't regret them already they surely will very soon.

Celebrity "Tools" and Their Hairstyles

Some celebrities, hairstyles and all, seem to really get on people's nerves. Do you think the following celebrities are annoying too?

Shocking Celebrity Hairstyles

Sometimes the hairstyles that celebrities wear are just plain shocking...

Your Ultimate Celebrity Hairstyles?

If you could have any celebrity hairstyles, which ones would you have?

Is Robert Pattinson Really That Hot?

TheHairStyler.com responds to the Robert Pattinson craze at the moment and asks you: is he really that hot?

Madonna in the Flesh

Madonna was on Letterman the other night. She didn't look like I expected. Check out the clip below...

Christina Aguilera's Half Updo Gone Wrong

What do you think of Christina Aguilera's new hairdo?

Celebrity Hairstyle Spotting

TheHairstyler.com's photographers are out and about snapping photos of celebrity hairstyles as they happen...

Lily Allen: Bad Hair of the Year?

What do you think of Lily Allen? And how about her new hairstyle? Have your say at TheHairStyler.com...

Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie

Apparently they're competing with each other for a movie role, so TheHairStyler.com wants to know who you think has better hair: Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie?

Celebrity Sex Scandal Hairstyles

Check out Roger's top 5 list of celebrity hairstyles with a difference.

Daytime Emmy Awards 2009: The Dos and Don'ts of Red Carpet Dressing

We take a look at some of the hairstyles and outfits worn by the celebrities at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and list the dos and don’ts they should have followed when strutting the red carpet.

TV Hair: The Best and Worst

If you're looking for a new hairstyle, TV's a great place to find ideas about what you like and don't like. Check out Roger's lists of best and worst TV hair and add your comments below.

What's That Smell? Oh, Just Robert Pattinson's Hair!

Maybe Robert Pattinson doesn't care about washing his hair, but at TheHairStyler.com we think it's pretty important. Check out these 5 simple steps for keeping your hair squeaky clean.

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