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Kristen Stewart: How to Wear Wine Makeup

We let you know how to copy Kristen Stewart's wine colored makeup look!

Winter 2012 Makeup Trend: Eyeliner Flicks

The cat's eye has been around forever and will probably be around forever.

Kesha's Glam Look- She Scrubs Up Well!

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. This is actually Kesha.

Winter Makeup Trends 2012: Bright Lips

Copy these lipstick looks for a great winter makeup finish!

How to Get the Look: Amanda Brown

We let you know how to copy Amanda Brown's great look!

Jennifer Hudson: Makeup Ideas for Dark Skin

Get a great makeup look for your dark skin with these ideas from Jennifer Hudson!

Kesha's Glam Rock Hair and Makeup

We let you know how to get a glam rock 'n roll look courtesy of Kesha!

Linda Evangelista: Supermodel Makeup for Over Forties

We let you know how to get a great makeup look courtesy of Linda Evangelista.

Jillian Rose Reed's Makeup for Peaches N' Cream Skin

Have you ever heard the term "peaches n' cream skin" but not known what it referred to?

Natasha Bedingfield: Hair and Makeup Fail

Learn what not to do for your hair and makeup with this celebrity fail.

Carly Rae Jepsen's Gothic Hair and Makeup

We take a look at Carly Rae Jepsen's latest look!

Kristen Stewart's Vampy Makeup

We let you know how to copy Kristen Stewart's vampy makeup look!

Mindy Kaling's Makeup Ideas for South Asian Women

Get a great look for your South Asian complexion by copying these makeup ideas from Mindy Kaling!

Mary J. Blige: Makeup Looks for Blonde Hair and Dark Skin

Get some great tips for dark skin and blonde hair by copying these looks from Mary J. Blige.

Frances Fisher's Makeup for Auburn Hair and Cool Skin

Get a great makeup look for your auburn hair and cool skin with these suggestions.

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