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Trend Alert: Fuchsia Lipstick

Pink lips have been hot for a while now, but this season the "must have" shade has a purple twist.

Teen Makeup Showdown Olivia Holt vs. Oana Gregory

If you're a tween or teen, chances are you tuned into the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards recently to check out all of your favorite celebs.

Makeup Application for Prominent Eyes

Ladies with prominent eyes are blessed with dramatic, well-defined peepers- lucky them!

Makeup Application for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are also known as 'bedroom eyes' and have an exotic flair to them.

Makeup Application for Drooping Eyes

Drooping eyes are the opposite of almond-shaped eyes-instead of tipping up at the outer edges they slope downwards.

Makeup Application for Almond Eyes

Did you know that your eye shape greatly affects how makeup looks on you?

Spotted! Celebs in Painful-Looking Hairstyles

We'll give credit where credit is due and appreciate that it must be tough for celebrities to look glamorous all of the time.

Alicia Machado's Makeup for Tanned Skin and Dark Eyes

If you have tanned skin and dark eyes, you can pull off a variety of makeup looks.

Makeup Application for Round Eyes

Ever wonder why your favorite celebrity makeup look turns out differently on your own face?

Are You Ready to Rock the Seventies Shag?

Although we've seen the odd throwback here and there to classic Seventies hair and makeup, we reckon that this decade is going to come back into fashion in a big way, very soon.

2013 Trend Alert: It's All About the Lashes

This year, brows are the big thing but long, luscious lashes are another hot trend that shouldn't be overlooked.

Makeup for Porcelain Skin and Fair Hair

If you have porcelain skin and fair hair, it's easy to feel washed out without the right makeup.

Angela Bassett's Soft Smoky Eye Makeup

Angela Bassett was looking ravishing at this recent red carpet event.

Ellie Goulding's Ethereal Makeup

If you're a fan of songstress Ellie Goulding's music, you probably love her edgy yet feminine style as well.

Kaya Jones' Hair and Makeup Fail

Ex-Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones is usually spotted looking glam and groomed to perfection, but this was not the case at a recent red carpet event.

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