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How To Tame Your Thick Hairstyle - Selena Gomez Style

Selena Gomez has a great head of hair on her. She is also quite petite at 5’4” and has delicate doll-like facial features. These are all assets that most ladies would kill for, but for petite women it is easy to become overwhelmed with naturally thick and lustrous hair. Read More »


Selecting the Right Hair Brush

When it comes to shaping your hair into a particular style, the styling tools that you use can make or break your look. One such tool is the simple http://www.thehair... Read More »


Hair Care Basics that Can Sabotage Your Hairdo: Hair Washing

Washing your hair, brushing it and even getting it dry are some of the most common hair care processes that everyone does to their hair. They are an everyday occurrence and performed by those who don't even like to do a... Read More »


Top Tips for Looking After Hair Extensions

If your hair length or thickness is due to some hair extension help, these top tips will help you to make sure your enhanced locks are well looked after. Click here to try ... Read More »


Curling Iron or Curling Wand: What's Right for You?

To get curly hair then either a curling iron or curling wand will do, right? Yes, they will both add curls and luscious waves to your locks, but how easily you personally can use either tool and what kind of look you want will depend on which is the right tool for you. To help you ... Read More »


Hair Conditioner Tips and Tricks

The secret to great hair is hair that is well looked after, and one of the best products for looking after your hair is conditioner! Like most hair care products, there are lots of little tips and tricks to using your conditioner in a way that will benefit your hair strands ... Read More »


Top Hair Tips for Shine

Nothing finishes off a hairstyle in the quite the same way as shiny strands. Not only do they make you hair look healthy, they also add glamour and can take an ordinary look to the next level. To achieve glossy locks the next time you style, give these hair tips a try! Smooth Strands! ... Read More »


Hair Care Habits for Well-Behaved Hair

While nothing permanent can be done to change the natural texture and structure of your hair, there are specific hair care habits that you can use to help keep your locks under control. To see how simple changes c... Read More »


Summer Hair Solutions

If all you want to do on a hot summer day is relax pool or beach-side, but your hair has other plans, then we’ve got some easy hair care solutions that should get your locks luscious in no time! Dry Hair Mod... Read More »


Gym-Proof Your Hair

Daily exercise is a great habit to get into and will benefit your health and your locks. If the thought of your perfectly styled hair getting ruined is one of the excuses you’re using to opt out of a workout, use these tips to keep your hair looking fabulous while you get your fitness on track. Perfect Your Hairstyle Read More »


Four Easy Ways to Beat Tress Distress

Damaged hair isn’t a good look for you, and certainly isn’t a good thing for your hair. Tresses that are constantly bombarded with chemicals, heat styling, outside elements and other factors tend to lose their luster. Get it back with these f... Read More »


Hairspray Help: What's the Right Hold for You?

If you thought the only thing you had to worry about when choosing hairspray was the size of the can or the price tag, think again! There are different holds of hairspray and the final result for your look and how it holds up depends on what option you choose. To ensure you’re g... Read More »


Hairstyling Tools: Brush vs. Comb

While, in regards to styling, a brush and a comb are pretty much the same thing, the way they detangle and style your hair is different and either tool can cause damage to your locks if used incorrectly. To ensure that you ... Read More »


Hair Care How To: Deep Conditioning Your Hair at Home

It’s not only those with brittle, unmanageable or dry hair that could benefit from a deep condition. Every Read More »


Hair Fall and Hair Breakage Tips

Hair fall or hair strands that break easily can be caused by a variety of factors and may be the sign of a serious problem, or just simply poor hair care. For serious hair loss, the advice of a professional trichologist should be ... Read More »

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