"Bond girls are the only thing my husband watches in James Bond movies." Is there anything wrong with that? Anticipating the upcoming James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, THS writers Sue Leeson and Roger Dawkins (who have a history of disagreement over the "sexiness" of short hair), discuss what makes a Bond girl tick. Is it more than just sexy style and great hair?

Bond Girls and Hair

Roger: So what are we discussing exactly?

Sue: We're not discussing how sexy Bond girls are.

Roger: I know, I know, we're...

Sue: We're discussing what makes a Bond girl tick- in other words, what's their image and how do things like fashion and their hair affect their image?

Roger: Ok... that's kind of been discussed quite a bit before hasn't it... ?

Sue: Yes, so we're going to do something else too.

Roger: Oh?

Sue: Some people say that the actresses who play Bond girls are chosen because they have some natural "Bond girl" quality...

Roger: Really?

Sue: Yes... so after deciding what the Bond girl image is, we're going to talk about whether the actresses themselves have got it, naturally.

Daniel Craig hairstyles

What Makes a Bond Girl Tick?

Roger: Ok Sue, don't get annoyed with me...

Sue: What do you mean?

Roger: Like don't start accusing me of being sexist and stuff, ok, 'cos...

Sue: Well don't say anything stupid then.

Roger: !

Sue: Let's just get to the point here: what do you think makes a Bond girl tick?

Roger: Well... I kind of agree with the feminists out there... the ones who say that Bond films did a lot for women's sexuality... you know, making them strong and stuff- women in control kind of thing...

Sue: Are you serious!

Roger: What... ?

Sue: Do you really think all that... I mean, when you're watching a Bond movie... you really think about how it's great because the women are all empowered and "strong"?!

Roger: Well actually...

Sue: I didn't think so... you're telling me what you think I want...

Roger: No. Let me finish...

Sue: ...

Roger: ...

Sue: Ok, ok...

Roger: Thank you. Anyway, I do think that... and I'm not denying that Bond girls are sexy and seductive too, but I guess I'm thinking that because they're strong women, their sexiness and seductiveness isn't about pleasing men... so they're sexy and seductive, but not in a dumb "eye-candy" kind of way.

Sue: Hmmm. Really?

Roger: Yeah, gimme a break Sue! Guys can say women are "sexy" without it being like they want control of them or something.

Sue: Sure, but sometimes guys saying women are sexy can result in a stereotype of "sexiness" that makes other women feel bad...

Roger: Well maybe, but... what do you suggest guys do then? Not say anything at all? Isn't it different now anyway? Like society's different and stuff, so it's just not as simple as what guys say and like anymore...

Sue: Maybe...

Roger: Ok, your point's noted, can I finish then? ...So like I said, I think Bond girls are strong, independent types, but sexy and empowered too...

Sue: Ok...

Roger: And I think the reason they're empowered- I mean, the reason they are sexy but not just sex objects- is because of their style.

Sue: Their style?

Roger: Yeah their style, and more than anything, their hair... their hair is always so sophisticated.

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