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Pilates? Get Real!

Apparently Miley Cyrus does pilates. I say "appar... Read More »


"10 Most Fascinating People" with Great Hair

It's that time of year again when Barbara Walters sits down with her "10 Most Fascinating People," so we thought we'd create our own list of "fascinating" people. The difference is, however,'s list contains fascinating people with great ... Read More »


5 Romantic Movies for Guys who Don't Like "Romantic Movies"

I don't like romantic movies. I'd rather watch a thriller, or lately, a horror movie even. But I'd be lying if I said I hated all romantic movies. There's a few that, a... Read More »


Bad and Worse Celebrity Halloween Outfits '09

Typically at Halloween costumes representing monsters and skeletons and witches were worn to scare off demons. You might see sheets with the eyes cut out, skeleton suits and stuff like that. What the celebrities below are wearing aren't “costumes” at all; they're more like outfits worn by z-list porn stars. Or at best, they're more like the clothes these guys wear in the privacy ... Read More »


The Soundtrack to Your Hairstyle

Hairstyles and music go together really well. Below are four of my favorite celebrity hairstyles and the soundtrack I think suits them. What do you think? Do you hear the same music when you look at these hairstyles?   Hairstyle: Angelina Jolie's Long Straight Locks Soundtrack: Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World” http://w... Read More »


Ladette Hairstyles 101

If you're into fashion and you like to stay on the scene, then you'll be interested in this: the ladette craze. You may have ... Read More »


Five Things Men Need Right Now

Men, this one's for you. There's heaps of men's style websites out there right now, and they're all chucking their two cents worth in about what men should be wearing, thinking and doing in 2009. caters to the men out there too, so I thought I'd put together a list of five of the “essential” things these websites are saying men need right now, and I'd l... Read More »


Miley Cyrus is Critical of YOU

Miley Cyrus thinks that the Internet breeds negativity. She's of the opinion it spreads abuse and contempt. Miley Cyrus says the Internet makes people mean because they think they can get away with anything. Read More »


Chris Rock's Good Hair

The film is about the culture of African American hairstyles and hair and the sensitive topic of “good hair.” It's a documentary that involves comedian Chris Rock interviewing people on the street, in the studio, in hair salons, barber... Read More »


A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Trailer

Johnny Depp was the highlight of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and it was great watchi... Read More »


Charlize Theron: Batman's Sexiest Catwoman?

It seems that in the next Batman film the infamous Catwoman may make another appearance. Rumors, of course, are flying becau... Read More »


Megan Fox: Dumb, Nasty and Attention Seeker?

I like Megan Fox, but it seems a lot of other people don't. Reports are coming from websites like The Sydney Morning Herald claiming that " Read More »


$30,000 Haircut?! That's Obscene!

I'm usually a really easy going woman. Calm and collected: the type that doesn't even swear if someone cuts them off in traffic. Or, if I let someone in and they don't give me a wave or a nod, I don't even notice. But this... this news that I read the other day makes me fume. Really fume. The NY Daily News... Read More »


Nude Pictures are Forbidden

The word is "sexting" and the process it refers to is the practice of sending sex related texts and/or images. In a survey referred to by a US... Read More »


RIP Man Bob

Behold the man bob: It’s the male version of this (of course, Jared Leto’... Read More »

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