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Long Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is finally here and it's time to bust out the long, luscious hairstyles! Whether you're at the beach, out on the town or—even better—enjoying an awesome holiday abroad somewhere, you'll need a lot of hairstyle ideas to get you through the summer. So work with your long hair's versat... Read More »


Hollywood Hair: The Latest Looks

You've got to admit that everyone loves a good dose of Hollywood hairstyles on the red carpet. But what is "Hollywood hair" you may ask? In simple terms, it's the long, curled, glamorous 'dos that are worn by pretty much everyone at red carpet events. Yes, it can get boring to see everyone with the same hairstyle over and over again. But at the end of the day, this is a classic hai... Read More »


Great Alternative Hairstyles to try

If you're the type of girl who likes to wear hairstyles that are out of the ordinary, then we have a round up of the latest punky hairstyles for you to peruse. These styles can work on a variety of face shapes and when it comes to color—the funkier the better! And contrary to pop... Read More »


Hairstyles and Makeup to Wear With a Little Black Dress

If you have a cocktail party, evening soiree or any other elegant event to go to, a little black dress is the perfect outfit to wear. A black dress is not only slimming, but it also provides a sophisticated canvas for you to show off your best hair, jewellery and makeup. Here we have some new hairstyle... Read More »


Undercut Hairstyle Ideas

If you love the look of Miley Cyrus, Skrillex and Rihanna's hairstyles, then you are a fan of the edgy undercut. This hairstyle is so popular that it is no longer considere... Read More »


Model Hairstyles

Don't you just love the way that models can roll out of bed and look great? No makeup and messy hair mean nothing to these ladies, they can look fabulous as is. The rest of us may not have such luck however, but we can try and copy their style because it's just so effortlessly cool. While we may not have the mile long legs and a designer wardrobe, it's easy to copy these carefree model hairs... Read More »


City Chic Hairstyles

Are you a country bumpkin looking for a city slicker hairstyle? If you are sick of wearing boring, dowdy hairstyles and are in search of something made for the streets of New York, LA or London, then we have some hairstyles for you. These hairstyles are perfect for city living because they can title=... Read More »


Beach Hairstyles for Spring/Summer

Finally, beach season has arrived and now it's time to find the best hairstyles for the sand and surf. The best beach hairstyles are carefree, easy and sexy, and will let you tan, swim or surf with ease. The main trick is to find a hairstyle that can withstand the elements—water, sun and wind can easily turn a hairstyle from beachy to bummed out in minutes. So if you've got the perfect bikin... Read More »


Kate Upton's Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles

Kate Upton may or may not be high fashion model material, but regardless, she has brought something different to the modelling scene and definitely knows how to get people talking. Some think she is overrated and only famous for her (ahem) assets. Others think she is a much needed... Read More »


Goldie Hawn's Long Hairstyles for Older Women

At 68 years old, there is no denying that Goldie Hawn looks amazing. She has always looked youthful over the years thanks to her vivacious personality and, of course, her long hair helps too. Goldie is the perfect example of why women should keep their long hair into their fift... Read More »


The Best Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Love is in the air this spring, so it's more than likely that you have a wedding or two to attend this season. Hair and makeup is always of utmost importance at these events, especially if you're the bride, but you still want to impress even if you are a guest. After all, there are tons of photos taken at weddings, so even if you are just a face in the background you may as well rock it, rig... Read More »


Short and Sleek Hairstyles

If you read our 2014 Spring Trend articles, you'd know that short, geometric, androgynous looks are all the rage this season. And while these cuts can be styled in a variety of ways—spiked up, swept back off the face, gelled for a... Read More »


Extreme Hairstyles

This is Extreme Hairstyles: Part 1, where we look at all of the craziest hairstyles that have been worn both on and off the red carpet. Some are even passed off as 'fashion' from cutting edge hairstylists. Here's are some of the most extreme hairstyles we've seen recently. Would you ever be brave enough to wear these out? Read More »


Ways to Jazz Up Short Hairstyles

If you have a short 'do, you probably love the quick styling time and manageability of your hairstyle. What you may not love is that with short hair, you're basically stuck with that style for all occasions: work, play, casual, formal, day and night—your hair is g... Read More »


The Coolest Short Hairstyles

Just like fashion trends, the hottest hairstyles change and evolve at top speed—how is a girl to keep up? For one, read the blogs at! Today for example, we are bringing you the coolest new short hairstyles we've seen in April 2014, so if you are in the mood for a new 'do then check these out fo... Read More »

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