Scarlett Johansson Short Straight Light Chestnut Brunette Hairstyle

Scarlett wowed the crowds at the 87th Academy Awards with her short fancy 'do. The back and sides are clipper cut short up and over the ears, while top is left long enough to sweep up and back giving the over-all look height and shape best suited to balance out a round face. This bold 'do needs p...

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Side View

Side View

Hairstyle Type
Category: Formal
Length: Short
Elasticity: Straight

Haircut Technique
Clipper Cut

Hairstyle Suitability
Face Shape: round,oval,heart,triangular

Hair Density: Thin/Medium
Hair Texture: Fine/Medium

Age: Under 21, 21 - 30, and 31 - 40

Height: Any
Weight: Thin/Average
Glasses: Yes

Styling Time: 10 minutes

Styling Tip: Direct your hair into position while applying the finishing products.

Styling Products: Wax and Hair Spray

Styling Steps

1. Tease Hair

2. Smooth the Top Back Using Wax

3. Apply Hairspray

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