Low-Fuss Pixie Haircut With Height

Pixie cuts have been gaining popularity in the world of hairstyles lately. And because you can make Pixie hairstyles from various types of hair texture, this haircut is a good choice for women looking for something new and exciting.

A pixie haircut is a trendy hairstyle that is easy to m...

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Side View

Side View

Hairstyle Type
Category: Alternative
Length: Short
Elasticity: Straight

Hairstyle Suitability
Face Shape: round,oval,heart,triangular

Hair Density: Thin/Medium
Hair Texture: Fine/Medium

Age: Under 21, 21 - 30, and 31 - 40

Height: Any
Weight: Thin/Average/Large
Glasses: No

Styling Time: 10 minutes

Styling Tip: Direct your hair into position while applying the finishing products.

Styling Products: Hair Spray and Moulding Cream

Styling Steps

1. Style Hair Down at the Back Using Moulding Cream

2. Style Sides Down Using Moulding Cream

3. Style Bangs to the Right Using Moulding Cream

4. Create a Mohawk Using Moulding Cream

5. Use Moulding Cream for Texture

6. Apply Hairspray

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