Adria Arjona Long Wavy Black Hairstyle with Layered Bangs and Dark Brunette Highlights

Adria Arjona is showing us the right way to embrace our natural wavy hair and we are loving every kink of it! The middle path allows this look to open up the face and contour the cheekbone area nicely. In order to get the natural waves, you are going to need to use a product in your hair before y...

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Side View

Hairstyle Type
Category: Casual
Length: Long
Elasticity: Wavy

Haircut Technique
Scissor Cut

Hairstyle Suitability
Face Shape: round,oval,oblong,square,heart,diamond,triangular

Hair Density: Medium/Thick
Hair Texture: Medium

Age: 21 - 30, 31 - 40, and 41 - 50

Height: Any
Glasses: Yes

Styling Time: 20 minutes

Styling Products: Mousse and Hair Spray

Styling Steps

1. Apply Mousse

2. Part the Middle

3. Scrunch Hair Dry with a Diffuser and Fingers

4. Apply Hairspray

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