Pamela Anderson Hairstyles

9. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Pamela looks simply stunning with her luscious golden blonde locks and her sexy full wave. This style is perfect for medium to thick hair types. read more info.

8. Long Wavy Hairstyle

This full bodied look is thanks to the layers cut all around the back and sides which enhance the waves and encourage the bounce. This is best suited for those looking for a hairstyle to balance ou... read more info.

7. Long Curly Half Up Hairstyle

This full and fancy hairstyle has the top section pulled up and back and pinned to the top of the head adding height and lift to the crown making this style a perfect choice for those looking for a... read more info.

6. Long Straight Half Up Hairstyle

These highlighted golden blonde locks have layers cut all through the back and sides to enhance movement through the mid-lengths to ends. The top is teased to achieve maximum height and lift making... read more info.

5. Long Straight Hairstyle

These light honey blonde locks are left out to fall over the shoulders showing off the combination of medium to long layers cut all through the back and sides. The roots are teased at the crown mak... read more info.

4. Long Straight Updo with Layered Bangs

Height and lift is the main idea for this bod 'do. These honey blonde locks are teased at the roots to achieve maximum volume for shape, then pinned to back of the head to create this head-turning ... read more info.

3. Long Straight Hairstyle

Layers are cut through the front and sides of these light blonde locks and left out to fall over the shoulders for a casual look and feel. This low-fuss style is best suited for those with fine to ... read more info.

2. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Pamela Anderson has left her light blonde locks out to fall past her shoulders, showing off the waves and curls throughout that gives this style plenty of body and volume. The shape of this 'do is ... read more info.

1. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Pamela Anderson might be the ultimate lifeguard but she is also a hair icon and we are living for her hairstyle right now! Her hair is curled and it is full of volume and life. Red carpet bombshell... read more info.

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