Madonna Hairstyles

10. Medium Curly Hairstyle

Madonna had cameras flashing at the New York special screening of "Revolver" thanks to her full bodied hairstyle. Her hair length was cut to one length and long layers were added through her back a... read more info.

9. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This elegant hairstyle sits on the shoulders to compliment any long face shape or a broad jaw-line with its graceful waves added to the mid-lengths to ends. This creates a soft sexy look which is g... read more info.

8. Long Wavy Hairstyle

These golden locks are styled into large loose waves giving it a classic look and feel best suited for those looking for a groovy hairdo to suit a long face shape. This hairstyle is easy to re-crea... read more info.

7. Medium Straight Hairstyle

This sleek 'do is blow-waved straight and flat showing off the jagged cut ends and subtle layers. The deep side part makes this look perfect for those looking for a slick hairstyle to compliment a ... read more info.

6. Long Curly Hairstyle

Long layers cut around the back and sides of this golden mane encouraging the bounce and movement of the waves through the back and sides. This bouncy hairdo is great for those with a natural kink ... read more info.

5. Short Wavy Layered Bob Haircut

This short and fancy hairdo as dressed in soft waves giving it a classic look and feel great for any special occasion. This is easy to re-create with a blow-wave or hot rollers and will need produc... read more info.

4. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Full and fancy is the main idea for this look. With the medium to long layers cut around the back and sides, this encourages the movement of the waves added for volume and shape. This makes it a gr... read more info.

3. Medium Straight Bob Haircut with Blunt Cut Bangs

This medium length hairdo is blunt cut at the length to sit perfectly on the shoulders for a simple look and feel. The heavy bangs are blunt cut short to frame the top of the face and completes the... read more info.

2. Long Straight Updo Hairstyle

These light blonde locks are pulled back and twisted into a french roll then pinned to the head to create this classic style that is perfect for any occasion. The front and top is left out to soft... read more info.

1. Long Curly Hairstyle

Soft curls and braids are added to the sides and back of this long hair to give this look movement and subtle shape. This casual 'do is easy to re-create with the right tools and needs product to t... read more info.

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