Halle Berry Hairstyles

10. Short Straight Hairstyle

This wicked hairstyle is cut short through the back and sides while the top is jagged cut and styled up to achieve height and texture best suited for those wanting a wild 'do to turn heads. Product... read more info.

9. Layered Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

This fun and fancy 'do is tapered close the head around the back and sides, blending into the top length that is jagged cut and left longer to achieve wispy look and feel. The long bangs are swept ... read more info.

8. Short Straight Hairstyle

The back and sides of this short fancy 'do are tapered into the head, while the top is sliced and jagged cut to achieve a textured and wispy finish that is styled to the side for shape. This is a f... read more info.

7. Short Straight Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

This short and sassy 'do is tapered into the head around the back and sides while the top is cut wispy which can be achieved with either scissors or a razor for maximum effect. The long bangs are w... read more info.

6. Long Straight Updo Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

These dark locks are pulled back, twisted and pinned to back of the head to create this casual updo. The bangs are jagged cut and worn down to frame the top of the face and completes the over-all h... read more info.

5. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

The lengths and ends of this look are jagged cut to achieve a casual textured style making it a perfect low-fuss style to frame a heart shaped face. The bangs are layered to frame the eyes and comp... read more info.

4. Medium Curly Afro Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

This naturally curly mane is layered all through the back and sides to balance out the body and volume. Highlights are added to give this casual style contrast and completes the over-all 'do perfec... read more info.

3. Long Straight Hairstyle

The ends and of this style are layered and razor cut, then blow-waved perfectly to smooth down the top for a sexy look and feel. The 'do is parted in the center to complete the over-all hairstyle b... read more info.

2. Long Wavy Hairstyle

This hairstyle screams volume! Now the color of this hairstyle is not in your face or unusual. You are going to need to touch up your highlights every 6 weeks or so to ensure that the color stays v... read more info.

1. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

Halle Berry is an amazing actress and is showing us that sometimes it is ok to have a hairstyle that is not perfect and yet, still packs a great punch. Firstly, her hair has been cut shorter in the... read more info.

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