Dita Von Teese Hairstyles

7. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This classic hairstyle is enough to be the center of attention and the lime of any light. The smooth waves and volume creates the shape which will hold well with right products. This amazing look w... read more info.

6. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This classic 'do sits perfectly on the shoulders to frame the jaw-line. The layers cut through mid-lengths to ends allows bounce and movement around the back and sides for a magnificent finish. Thi... read more info.

5. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This glossy formal hairstyle looks like something out of the 1940's with it's beautifully defined curls and waves added to the sides and front and perfect enough to compliment a long face. This sty... read more info.

4. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This black mane is styled into waves through the back and sides giving this look a classic shape, look and feel. This formal hairstyle needs to be set rollers and product is needed for hold and shi... read more info.

3. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

These glossy black tresses are dressed in waves all through the sides and back to create this classic style that is perfect to turn heads at any special occasion. This formal 'do can be created usi... read more info.

2. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

These sexy black locks were set in rollers to achieve beautiful waves through sides and back giving this style a classic look and feel. This hairdo needs time to create and will wow crowds at any s... read more info.

1. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Dita Von Teese, you are a hair goddess. I have never seen your hair anything but immaculate. And more than that, I have never seen anyone maintain a slightly left-of-center style with such dedicati... read more info.

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