Amanda Righetti Hairstyles

9. Long Wavy Hairstyle

This stunning hairstyle has medium to long layers cut around the edges to create movement through the ends. The middle part makes it perfect for those with round face shapes. read more info.

8. Long Straight Hairstyle

Seductive layers added to the sides and back allows the ends to flick out to create this beautiful shape. The bangs are worn flat down to frame the face and completes the over-all look brilliantly. read more info.

7. Long Straight Hairstyle

This hot red 'do has jagged layers cut through the front to add shape and style to compliment the luscious length which flows over the shoulders. This slick and smooth is easy to achieve with the p... read more info.

6. Long Wavy Hairstyle

This red hot mane is dressed in waves through the sides and back giving this look plenty of shape and boost. This hairdo will be great for those with long face shapes looking for a fun 'do to comp... read more info.

5. Long Wavy Hairstyle

These hot red locks are left out to show off the soft curls added to the mid-lengths to ends which gives this simple style plenty of movement and shape. This hairstyle is easy to re-create at home ... read more info.

4. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Soft and sexy is what these dark copper locks are about. Lovely waves are added to the mid-lengths to ends to achieve maximum movement and shape best suited to compliment a long face. This formal h... read more info.

3. Long Straight Hairstyle

These hot copper locks were blow-waved then set in rollers to add movement and body. The roots are teased at the crown to create height and lift making it a great style to compliment a round face. ... read more info.

2. Long Wavy Hairstyle

These luscious locks were set in hot rollers to achieve even waves all through the sides and back then draped over the shoulder for a sexy look and feel. The shape of this hairstyle is perfect to c... read more info.

1. Long Straight Updo

These luscious long locks are pulled back and pinned to the top of the crown to create this elegant hairstyle which is perfect for any special occasion. Time is needed to create this 'do and produc... read more info.

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