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Shag hairstyles are funky and trendy styles that are relaxed and layered. It's focus is on looking messy and textured, with lots of layers cut into the hair that create a messy effect by eliminating any straight and harsh lines. But don't be fooled, because a shag haircut might look messy, but a lot of skill and organization goes into making it look that way, even though this style is easy to maintain. A modern shag looks sassy and edgy and doesn't make you look like you're in an 80's rock band. This style works for every hair texture and hair length, and it works great on fine hair because it will boost hair volume, which is not easy to do on fine hair. Shag haircuts are also great for curly hair if you want to tame frizz. A great way of emphasizing the hair texture in a shag hairdo is by adding highlights and lowlights to your hair.

Shag hairstyles suit most people of all ages and hair types, so ask your hairstylist to style you a shag hairstyle that suits you best. To get some inspiration, check out the hairstyles below and see which one you like best.

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