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Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

My hair is naturally straight and when I curl my hair the curl doesn't stay. Is there a product or anything I could do to get the curls to stay?

Hi, to get any style to stay in your hair it is important to use the right styling products. For curls, try using curl enhancing styling creams and serums before curling, and then plenty of hairspray or setting lotions after. Curls require heat to form the curl, but they also require cold air to set the curl so if you're using hot rollers, allow them to cool in your hair for as long as possible to make your curls last longer.

Hair color Hair Color

So I'm about to be 18 and my hair is natural black, never dyed it before, and I would like to dye it for my birthday. My skin color is cool dark and my eyes are black. I was thinking of dying my hair a burgundy brown (dark brown that looks red in the light). Do you think that will be a good color for me or what color do u think I should go for?

Hi, yes a burgundy brown would suit your cool dark skin tone. Other options to consider based on your skin tone would be blue black, darkest red, dark violet and darkest brown. I hope you enjoy your hair color change! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair product Hair Products

Hi, I just recently got my hair stripped and its dried out. What are the best conditioners that don't cost a fortune for me to use?

Hi, the best hair conditioners to use all depend on your hair type and the condition that your hair is currently in. Because I cannot see your hair up close, it is difficult to recommend any specific products, so I suggest seeing a hairstylist in person so that they can look at your hair and offer you the best advice. Thank you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Please help me choose a new hairstyle for 11 year olds. I need a long or medium, straight hairstyle. Thank you.

Hi, if you're after a hairstyle that will suit your age and is a certain length and hair texture then I recommend using our hair consultation ( It will allow you to select your age and other personal attributes such as your hair length, type, texture and face shape to find hairstyles that will suit you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

I dyed my hair about a year and a half ago and have been trying to get it back to its natural color by dying since then and I was wondering if stripping my hair of all the dye by a professional would damage it?

Hi, having the color stripped from your hair will cause damage, but you can manage the damage with follow up care such as regular hair treatments and good conditioners. Your hairstylist should be able to recommend products when you go in to have your color stripped, so make sure to have a chat with them about the type of hair care you'll need to do to get your hair back into good condition. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

Hello, I am a retired hairstylist and I do my own hair and I was wondering what is the easiest way to go blonde at home? I am a medium brown. I do a level 5 mocha brown on my hair that is faded now. I've done the blonde chunks before and everyone loves them, but I think I just want to go all blonde now. Can I get it an arctic blonde without bleach these days? I realize I would need a toner.

Hi, in order to go blonde at home after being a mocha brown you will need to bleach or shampoo bleach the brown out until you lighten right down to a 9 or 10 base. This may take you a few gos until you reach the level of lightness needed to get to an arctic blonde. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hello, for months I have been looking for some hairstyles, but I can't make a decision about what hairstyle is best for me according to my face. Please help me.

Hi, if you're after a hairstyle to suit your face shape then I recommend using our hair consultation ( It will allow you to select your face shape and other personal attributes such as your hair length, type and texture to find hairstyles that will suit you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

General hair Hair

Hi! so my hair takes FOREVER to grow and right now I have really really short hair and I would like to have past the shoulder length hair by September. Any suggestions on how to make it grow quicker? Thanks!

Hi, on average, hair grows at a rate of one-half of an inch per month and unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done to speed this process up. Making sure you have a healthy diet and that you look after your hair can help as healthy locks are less likely to break. Even when growing your hair you still need to get it trimmed regularly to ensure that when you get to the length you want, your hair is strong and looks good. See your stylist once every 2 months for a trim on your ends. For more advice, check out this article: If you really can't wait for your hair to grow then hair extensions can be a good option. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

General hair Hair

Hi, I have medium length, straight highlighted hair which needs re-doing. At the moment my problem is that I like my hair to have plenty of movement, so I use my heated rollers each day to give it body. At the moment my hair is improving in condition which results in it being lank and difficult to curl. I sometimes have a body perm for highlighted hair which enables me to get the look I like. However, the condition suffers and I'm unsure what is best to do to achieve the look I think suits me best. Perhaps it would be best to revert to my natural mousey color (40% grey) and go for the perm? I would appreciate your advice.

Hi, it sounds as if the heated rollers are working well for you as they are giving you the look, body and movement you're after. Using heated rollers will not damage your hair as much as the chemical process of a body perm, and if you're going to be regularly highlighting your hair, then adding the perm process will damage your hair even further. You have said that your hair condition is improving after taking a break from perms so I would suggest sticking with the heated rollers instead of going back to the perming process so that you can get the look that you know suits you, as well as the color you want, without having hair that feels like straw. If you'd like more oomph from your heated rollers then use them with volumizing products such as mousse to add body. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hi, I have long, very fine hair and not all that much of it! It is difficult to style as it is so fine and it has been pretty much the same length since I was a small child! I really want a big change and love the pixie crop that Emma Watson has recently had cut. However, since I have never cut my hair even as short as a bob I am nervous about whether or not a similar cut would suit me or my hair type. I tried the virtual hairstyler but couldn't find a suitable cut. Can you give me any advice? There are a couple of photos here if it helps! Thanks

Hi, from seeing your photos it's looks as if you have a heart shaped face which can suit certain short styles which have volume through the crown and wispy edges around the face. To find the right short style for you, I would recommend giving our hair consultation ( a try. It will allow you to select your face shape (make sure to read the face shape info provided to confirm your shape) and that your hair is fine so that you can find styles in our library that match. I also recommend taking a look at the following article for ideas on the types of styles to try or to avoid. I hope I've helped. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

Hello, I haven't cut my hair in almost 15 years. I am 47 and finally want a change. I have extremely thick course hair that is actually kinky wavy at the very top of my head, but gets looser as it gets closer toward the ends. When my hair is wet, it looks like I would have really pretty curls, but when my hair dries, it looks frizzy and unruly, so I always just pull it back in a barrette to get it off my face. I don't comb it or it would really get poofy. Right now it is 2 inches below my shoulder so the waves are more stretched out. I have a heart shaped face with a wide nose and pale complexion. I found a couple of medium short haircuts that kind of look like a shag I like in your virtual hairstyle section, but am afraid my hair will be really crazy out of control if I cut it into short layers since my waves are kinky tight at the top. I am tired of looking like I am in grade school. Any suggestions.

Hi, I'm glad to hear that you have found some hairstyles that you like with our Virtual Hairstyler and can understand your hesitance about knowing whether or not cutting your hair will help or hinder your curls. The truth is, without being able to see your curls in person, I can't give a definite answer either way so I suggest that you take the styles that you have found to your hairdresser and ask them to asses the haircuts and advise you whether or not they will work with your curls. Curls can be both a blessing and a curse, and no matter the type of hair cut or your hair length, will require you to put in some effort in regards to styling and using styling products if you wish to have a hairstyle that looks great and eliminates the puffiness. I hope I've helped. Good luck!

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hi, I am looking for a new hair style. Right now my hair is between my shoulder blades. It's the longest it's been for a long time. I kinda do like the length, but could go a little shorter. I have very thick hair and it is naturally curly, but I also like to wear it straight. I am overweight so my face is pudgy and would like something that thins my face a bit. I am 45 and would like something age appropriate. Any ideas?

Hi, for hairstyle ideas based on your face shape, hair length, texture and age, I would recommend trying our hair consultation. It can be found in the makeover menu at the top of this page and will allow you to select all the personal attributes you've mentioned (and more) to find the right hairstyle for you amongst the choices in our range. Give it a go today, and good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hi, I'm after a hairstyle that will make me look older. I'm sick of constantly being perceived as younger than I really am (I'm in my mid 20s) and the condescending treatment and lack of respect and constantly being overlooked that goes with it. FYI I am a petite Asian woman cursed with a round face that is hard to find a hairstyle for, complete with lots of puppy fat and the most pinchable cheeks in existence. Please suggest me some hairstyles that will make me look more mature and make my face look more angular. I work in a male dominated field so I'm not really looking to soften my look. My preferences are something short (nothing below shoulder length) as anything longer would overpower my petite frame. It also has to be suitable for a professional setting, so nothing too wild. Though I'd also like it to be versatile for both formal and casual occasions, so nothing too 'done up' either. I have flat pin straight hair that has no natural wave whatsoever and laughs at a curling iron. It's also very thick, coarse and generally resistant to styling. I also wear glasses. A short styling time would be nice too, as I get up very early for work. Though I'm in my mid 20s, I'm open to more mature styles, I need all the help I can get in looking older. Thanks!

Hi, for the best way to find out which styles will suit your hair type, hair texture, face shape, glasses and other preferences and attributes, I'd recommend that you give our hair consultation a try. It will allow you to select all of the characteristics about your hair that you've mentioned, put in your preferred hair length, and then receive hairstyle matches from our library that you can then add to your own photo to see if they will suit you. Give it a try today! - Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

I am a guy with medium length hair and wanting to grow it out to be longer lengths of 5 - 6 inches (it is 3 - 4 inches now). When I get the longer length, I want to do a relaxer to have my hair somewhat straight and more manageable (it is thicker in texture). I also want to get highlights for the summer. Is it safe to highlight now and then get relaxer in another 2 - 3 months after that, or will the relaxer affect the highlights negatively?

Hi, it is safe to relax your hair a few months after getting highlights, but how it will affect your highlights all depends on the state of your hair after the 2-3 month break between the processes. Please keep in mind that the more chemicals you use in your hair, the more brittle and weak your hair will become. I would recommend using a hair treatment every week before having the relaxing process done so that your hair is as healthy as possible. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

General hair Hair

Hi. I am 35 and have long brown hair, the length is probably below my shoulder blades. I have bangs as well. I have been trying to decide if I should grow my hair longer or if I should cut it and I would love your opinion. I also have a lot of grey coming through and would like to have it colored as well and am unsure what to go with. Help!

Hi, if you're not sure about going with a new hair length then I recommend uploading your photo to the Virtual Hairstyler and trying a few different lengths on. You'll be amazed at the difference some hair lengths will make to your features and doing it risk free on your photo means you won't have to live with a wrong hairstyling decision. As for color, there are plenty of options for covering up grays so ask your hairstylist what they recommend for your current hair condition and complexion. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

General hair Hair

I am 34 years old and I suffer quite badly from premature graying. I'm constantly coloring the roots. It makes me feel extremely old and it's a very pronounced stripe through the center part of my head. I have been contemplating embracing this and going white on top, layering through to my black underneath. I just want your opinion on whether a very light ash blond would hide this better?

Hi, to answer your question, yes, a light ash blond would hide your gray better so if you are happy with this coloring option then I say, go for it! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

I have dark brown hair and am wanting to go to a light blonde. I have currently blonde highlights and like the color but wonder if all blonde would be a good choice.

Hi, if you want to know how you'd look as a blonde then I recommend adding your photo to our Virtual Hairstyler and seeing how you would look with some blonde hairstyles. It's a great risk free way to try out another color without having to touch your hair. If you still can't decide if blonde would be a good look for you then I also recommend taking a trip to a salon and speaking to a hair colorist in person as they will be able to take a look at your skin tone and let you know if a blonde hair color is right for you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

Hi! I am having trouble figuring out what my skin undertone is: cool, warm, or ruddy? I always thought that since I have freckles and my natural hair color is reddish, I must be warm. But, the veins on my wrist are blue and I noticed on the test here that you can also be ruddy which is cool undertones with freckles! I am so confused! I posted a gallery on my profile page with several pics of me with my natural hair color and a few others. Can someone please tell me what my coloring is. Also, I (and my hubby) want to try going very blond. I don't know if that is suitable for my coloring though and if so, which shade and how bright can I go? As a child, I was a "tow-head", I had very blond hair. It changed darker as I grew older. Thank you so much! Sherrie1984

Hi Sherrie, judging by your photos and the description you've given, I'd say that your skin tone most resembles ruddy. If you have freckles, pink undertones (which are obvious in your photos) and blue veins then a cool, ruddy complexion seems most likely. Seeing a hair colorist in person can of course confirm this and also give you a definite answer. As for wanting to try a blonde hair color, having a cool complexion means that light blonde hair colors such as platinum and light ash blonde will suit you. Ask the colorist when you see them what they would recommend is a good color against your skin tone. Seeing a professional, especially when going blonde, means that you can also have the color tailored to suit you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

I have thin, semi-wavy hair that's shoulder length. I also have an oblong face and cowlick/widows peak. If you can, please help me find a style that looks good on me with a simple styling method. I'd really appreciate the advice. Cindy

Hi Cindy, to find styles that will suit your oblong face shape, thin, wavy shoulder length hair, and for advice about cowlicks, I recommend trying our hair consultation: Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

What's the best haircuts for round faces and high foreheads?

Hi Spuzik, using our hair consultation will help you find the perfect hairstyle to suit your face shape and hair type. It can be found at this link: Also, this article will give tips and points on what style will suit your round face. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

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