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Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hi , I recently went through a style change, opting for short hair. After a week or so I'm noticing a certain change in my hair and I am suffering from dandruff problems. Even after thorough shampooing and conditioning, the dandruff problem is not ceasing and I've even started suffering from hairfall. Please help.

Hi, I strongly suggest you make an appointment to see a trichologist to examine your scalp thoroughly to assess the hair fall and dandruff problems and their causes. This way they will be able to give you an accurate solution. I hope I have helped. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

Hi! My mom has some white hair and she wants to color them with dark brown. How should she color it?

Hi, there are lots of hair coloring products on the market designed to cover grays that can give you good results. If in doubt, have your Mom visit a hairstylist who can personally take a look at the level of gray hairs and advise the best course of action. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

I recently tried a bob and liked it. It's chin length and only slightly layered. I have an oval face with a high forehead and naturally wavy, thick-ish hair. I don't want to have to straighten it every day - I would prefer to scrunch it and bring out its natural texture. Right now, my hair looks heavy and lacks movement if it's not straightened. I want to change things for my next haircut. I still want a bob but I can't decide which bob variation to go with. What would you suggest for someone who wants a trendy and modern bob that works with wavy hair, yet can still be straightened occasionally? Thanks.

Hi, your oval face shape will suit any bob cut, whether it has layers or not, so I would suggest you sit down with your hairstylist at your next salon visit for a thorough consultation to see which cut will work best for you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

General hair Hair

I have very damaged hair! It's waist-length and I haven't had a haircut in almost 4yrs. I'm just a busy mom. I do straighten it about 2-3 times a month, and think this may have caused the damage. Without straightening it, my hair is naturally course & frizzy. I want to lose some length, add layers, and maybe some highlights. My color is med-dark brown w/some grays. I really want movement and some volume. Maybe a long bang that blends in with the rest of hair? I have round face, I'm short and in my mid 30s. Fair complexion. I can't afford anything for upkeep. I'm too poor and too busy. Just want something that I can touch up every couple of months.

Hi, sounds like you already have a good idea of what you'd like so I would recommend seeing a hair stylist in person and letting them know that you'd like some layers, maybe bangs and highlights and see what they advise based on the current condition of your hair. If you'd like more ideas to take with you, I recommend trying our hair consultation ( You can add personal attributes such as your complexion, face shape, hair length and texture etc and be given hairstyles from our library that match your criteria. Thank you. Serah Schuster, THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

Hey! I'm 17, I have long and wavy hair and I would love to cut it short (a little above the shoulders) but since my hair is so thin I don't know if it would look good. Should I cut it?

Hi, if you're not sure about how you'd look with a shorter haircut then I recommend adding your photo (if you haven't already) to our Virtual Hairstyler and trying on some of the shorter styles in our wavy category. As for knowing if a shorter cut will work with your hair type, I'd advise seeing a hairstylist in person so that they can look at the texture and the thickness of your hair in person and offer the right advice. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hi, my hair is a really dark brown and is about 65-68cm long and straight. I want a new hairstyle that can be finished within 10 minutes that requires no curling iron or whatever equipment. I need to tie it into a ponytail everyday. I want it to be slightly wavy like Selena Gomez's sometimes. Can you please help me?

Hi, if you have naturally straight hair and want waves sometimes then unfortunately having to use a curling iron may be your only option as you may not be able to add waves to your hair any other way. Braids can work to add waves without the use of curling irons, but only if your hair is able to hold onto the waves created. For adding waves with braids, see this article: If ponytails are what you wear often and you're after something different then you might also like to take a look at the ponytail ideas in this article: For styles that only take a few minutes, keep an eye out for the handy "Styling Time" info with each of our hairstyles. It'll let you know which hairstyles can be styled in 10 minutes. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hairstyle questions Hairstyles

Hi! I am very confused about my hairstyle. I want a new look but don't want long hairstyles. My hair is very thick, hard and black in color. My body is skinny and height is 5' 8". Right now I am in a corporate field and have my own company. Please suggest me the right hairstyle. Thanks.

Hi, if you're looking for a new hairstyle and don't know where to start then I suggest using our hair consultation. It can be found in the makeover menu at the top of this page and will allow you to put in your face shape, hair type etc and choose the length and hair density of the styles you'd like to see. That way, if you don't want long hairstyles then you can look for short or medium length hairstyles easily. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

Hi, I'm having a tough time finding a style that looks good on myself. I have dark brown long hair with thin side swept bangs. I have an oval shape face with high cheek bones. My face isn't too skinny it is more on the chunkier side. What would be a good haircut for me? Thank you so much.

Hi, the following article has some great advice about what will suit an oval face shape: If you're still stuck for ideas then our hair consultation ( will also give you all the styles in our library based on your own personal attributes, such as your current hair condition, type and texture and your face shape and complexion. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

I just had my hair colored and really hate the color. My hair is naturally a medium/dark blonde. I have had highlights for years and they usually brighten me up and look shiny and pretty. I just had them done by a new colorist and my hair is now a dull beige/ash - like I look at it and think beige, not blonde. Never had this shade before and it totally looks old ladyish. It ages me and just looks meh. What should I do to brighten it up? Can I do highlights or a glaze? How soon can I go to a new colorist to adjust the color? I'd go tomorrow if I could.

Hi, I would recommend getting highlights again over the top or using a toner to tone the ash/beige color. If you're not happy with the color that you recived then chances are your hair colorist will be more than happy to fix it for you. If you're not comfortable seeing that colorist again then visit another colorist for a better assessment. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

Hello! I'm going to get a new haircut and have problems choosing one that would actually suit my face. I think my face shape is heart, I have big forehead and small chin. Trouble is, I also have really big nose (really, it's prominent). Right now my hair is long, natural color (mocha brown), to me it seems thin. I have trouble styling - it just falls limp or slips away. I have a side part, but not too deep. Everyone tells me different things about haircuts and hairstyles that make nose seem smaller: some say big bangs, some say absolutely no bangs... I can't keep my hair off my face, I have too big a forehead for that. Is there any haircut/hairstyle that would make my nose look smaller and give some life to my flat hair?

Hi, our hair consultation will offer advice on styles for flattering a larger nose as well as advice or what will suit your face shape and the thickness of your hair. You can find the hair consultation in the makeover menu at the top of this page, or at this link: Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

I have naturally mousy blonde hair, really pale skin and very rosy cheeks and green eyes. I've been dying my hair dark brown for nearly 2 years and was thinking of dying it a slightly mahogany colour but I have no idea what will go with my skin tone/eye colour/red cheeks, what would you advise?

Hi, I'd recommended trying our hair consultation. It'll allow you to choose your skin tone, eye color and natural/current hair color and then see what hair colors are compatible with those features. I'd also suggest adding your photo to our Virtual Hairstyler (if you haven't already done so) and then trying the recommended colors on using our virtual hair color chart. It's a great risk free way to see how you might look with a different hair color! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

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Haircut questions Haircuts

Should I get an asymmetrical haircut? What would be the impact on my current grooming schedule?

Hi, without knowing your hair type, texture, length and face shape it's hard to advise if an asymmetrical haircut will suit you. As for grooming, this again depends on the length of your asymmetrical haircut and how you wish to have it styled. I recommend having a chat with a hairstylist in person to find out if an asymmetrical haircut is the right style for you, and what the maintenance level would be. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

General hair Hair

Hi, my skin is light warm, I actually have a brown hair color and I wonder if I can use a Golden Dark Blond? My face has big cheekbones, a broad forehead, and a square jaw. What kind of haircut do you recommend?

Hi, our hair consultation, which can be found in the makeover menu at the top of any page, will be able to let you know exactly what hair colors will suit your complexion and what kind of hairstyles will suit your face shape and other personal attributes (such as your hair length, texture and density) so I recommend giving it a try! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

I live in Miami, surrounded by constant humidity. I have black medium length wavy thick hair. HORRIBLE! I have a round face, and a small neck. What haircut style fits me best to help me with my surroundings as well?

Hi, this article will give you ideas on what is best for your face shape. I would also suggest you visit a salon so they can assess your hair and give you the best options in regards to styles and hair products that are best suited for your hair type and a humid environment. Kind regards, THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

Hello! I have long golden/honey blonde hair that has never been colored or dyed. I am interested in dying it red, but have heard it often turns out pink on blondes. I want it to be a natural looking red but I am afraid once I do dye it I won't like it. Is there a way to try it (temporary dyes?) that wont affect my hair if I hate it? Whats the best suggestion of hair dye and a color that won't look bad. Thank you!

Hi, if you're thinking of dying your hair for the first time then I would recommend visiting a professional hairstylist, even if it's just to have a consultation. A professional will be about to take a look at your natural color and advise you on the types of reds that will suit, the best way to get a natural looking red hair color, and which color process will work best for you. Seeing a professional should also eliminate the risk of you ending up with a color that you hate. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

Um. What color would look good on me? I'm more into the alternative style, like emo and scene. My hair is naturally light brown, but I bleached it.

Hi, if you'd like to know what hair color will be a good match for you then I recommend trying our hair consultation ( It will allow you to put in your personal attributes (such as hair color and skin tone) and get a list of hair colors that will suit. I also recommend adding your photo to the Virtual Hairstyler and trying on some of our alternative hairstyles: Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair product Hair Products

Hi, I'm an African American young man but I have other races within my bloodline and where I'm from I have hair that everyone says is "GOOD HAIR". My hair is very curly and thick but is also thin, so my question is are there any products out there that I could use to maintain my hair styles without damaging it? Normally I wear my hair flat ironed because I really don't know how to wear curly hair styles. So if you can please give any type of helpful advice on how to style this jungle, I'd love it.

Hi, as a hairstylist it is hard for me to correctly assess a problem without being able to view the texture, tone, elasticity and condition of a persons hair and other factors up close, so I would suggest seeing a hair stylist in person as they will be able to personally advise you on the best products for your hair and the best course of action in this case. Thank you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Hair color Hair Color

Hello, I have black hair but I want to add highlights. I have dark brown skin and a round face. I am not sure which highlights will fit me. Can you help me?

Hi, as dark brown skin can be either cool or warm, I recommend using the skin complexion information in our hair consultation ( to accurately pick your skin tone, and then filling in the rest of the questions to receive a list of compatible hair colors. From there, you should be able to find a highlight color that will compliment your black hair, and skin tone. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

Haircut questions Haircuts

Hi, I'm a male who has been looking for the right hair style/cut for a long time. I've just been growing my hair out in frustration, so I have long hair down to the back of my neck. My hair is very wavy/curly so I've been using a hair straightener to at least keep it in shape. The shape of my face is kinda round and a little oval I think, and my face is a little chubby. I wouldn't mind any hair cut or style as long as it suits me and my face shape. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You!

Hi, to find a hairstyle that will suit your face shape take a look at our hair consultation ( It will suggest a range of hairstyles which you can try on using your photo to see if they suit. Generally, if your face is round you should aim for hairstyles that add a little length to the appearance of your face and reduce width. Kind regards, THS Hair Consultant.

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