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Brittany snow hairstyle history side

Brittany Snow: A Hairstyle History

American actress Brittany Snow is always changing up her hairstyle and experimenting with her color. Although she is known for her long light blonde locks, she has been a brunette in the past and more recently has been choosing shorter haircuts... Read more...

Latest short hairstyles on the red carpet side

Short Hairstyles on the Red Carpet

Is it time for you to update your hairstyle? Whether you have long hair and are considering the big chop, or you already have short hair and just need an update, there is no better place to look than the red carpet.

With access to th...

Maddie hasson hair and makeup side

How to get Maddie Hasson’s Hair and Makeup

Eighteen-year-old Maddie Hasson has got a great head of hair to work with, not to mention a fabulous face for a makeup canvas! While she usually goes for natural looks, here she has chosen a slightly darker makeup palette and messy bedhead look... Read more...

Paz vega hairstyles and makeup side

Paz Vega's Hairstyles and Makeup

Paz Vega is stunning, plain and simple. This Spanish actress looks years younger than 37 yet still oozes class and sophistication. Maybe it's her exotic looks, maybe it's her fabulous dark glossy hair, or maybe it's her flawless sense of style ... Read more...

Terri seymour hairstyle and makeup evolution side

Terri Seymour’s Hairstyle and Makeup Evolution

Terri Seymour is a British television presenter and ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell (yes, that's considered a job these days) and has also worked as a correspondent in Tinseltown for Extra. Women and men alike love Terri’s girl-next-door sm... Read more...

Cat deeley hairstyle rut side

Cat Deeley’s Hairstyles: Is She Stuck In A Rut?

Cat Deeley is a British TV presenter that is also known for being the host of “So You Think You Can Dance” in the USA. Cat has the typical “Hollywood” look- she’s blonde, she’s thin, and she has wavy long hai... Read more...

Julianne hough messy bob side

Julianne Hough’s Perfect Messy Bob

Julianne Hough definitely has the California beach babe look going on. From her tanned skin to her bright blue eyes and icy blonde hair, she has an image that is 100% Hollywood. But rather than going for a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle both... Read more...

Sofia coppola look side

How to Get Sofia Coppola’s Look

Uber cool screenwriter, director, producer and actress Sofia Coppola is one lady who has her own unique look and sense of style. Men and women alike are desperate to copy her effortlessly cool style and of course, it doesn’t hurt that she... Read more...

Heather tom hairstyles blonde to brown side

Heather Tom Hairstyles - From Blonde to Brown

Soap opera actress Heather Tom has been on TV forever, and for much of that time she was strutting her stuff as a blonde. More recently however, Heather has been making the transition from light to dark ever so gradually, until she has reached ... Read more...

2013 vma hairstyles side

The Best and the Worst 2013 VMA Hairstyles

Whether you watched the Video Music Awards or not, chances are you heard about his year’s annual event, thanks to Miley Cyrus’ twerking (can anyone say “cringe!”?) Career-ruining performances aside, of course in addition... Read more...

Ciara ombre hairstyle side

Ciara’s Ombre Hairstyle

Let’s face it—the ombre look is well and truly played out. However, singer Ciara has managed to keep it looking fresh and modern with her different take on it, using asymmetrical cuts and beautifully blended colours to make her own ... Read more...

Jenny mcmarthy style regression side

Jenny McCarthy - A Style Regression?

Oh Jenny. The harsh black eyeliner with glossy red lipstick. The blush. The super-cleavage. And those paint-in highlights. Have we gone back in time to the Nineties?! Jenny is no shrinking violet and has always had a wacky sense of style, but t... Read more...

Blow wave basics hairstyling tips for a professional finish at home side

Blow-Wave Basics: Hairstyling Tips for a Professional Finish at Home

Anyone who has had their hair professionally blow-waved at the salon knows how great the result can be. It ma... Read more...

Shaved hairstyle ideas inspired by rihanna side

Shaved Hairstyles Inspired by Rihanna

If you want an edgy look that adds some funk to your style but isn't too out there then these short and long shaved hairstyle ideas from Rihan... Read more...

Hairstyle suggestions for fabulous locks after 40 side

Hair Styling Tips for Women over 40

You can still have fabulous, youthful looking hair without settling for a predicable haircut and color, or staying... Read more...

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