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The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Why is this so important? Simply put, if the wrong hairstyle is created for the wrong face shape, the result is a disaster. In fact, even if a well executed, well cut hairstyle is performed on the wrong face shape, the result is still a disaste... Read more...

Napeknot side

The Nape Knot: Emmy Hairstyles 2008 Signature Look

What is the Nape Knot?

The nape knot is a very simple hairstyle because all that's involved is pulling back the sides and top tightly and tying them into a knot with a small band at the nape of the neck (bottom of the hairline). The r... Read more...

Short is sexy side

Short Hair? Men Just Don't Have a Clue

Victoria Beckham hairstyles

Sorry rihanna side

Sorry, Rihanna's Hair ain't on Their Wish Lists

Rihanna hairstyles...

Hair perm tips side

Hair Perm Tips for Curly Hairstyles

Perming, or permanent waving, is the option for you if your hair's straight and you want some curls that'll last longer than using a hot roller set. It's not as scary as it sounds either... . We'll explain what perming is Read more...

Emo hair jared leto side

"Emo Hair Changed My Life," Jared Leto*

Jared Leto hairstyles

Voice Over: Welcome to Late Night Hair- your non-stop around the clock Read more...

Hairstyles women office side

Office Hairstyles for Women

If you're female and you work in an office you'll probably want a hairstyle that suits your hair type, Read more...

Mens hair trend side

Men's Slicked Back Side Parts

If you want a men's hair style that's up to date, then check out these pictures of the slicked back side part look and get one yourself. But before you do, I think there are a few thing... Read more...

Hairstyles women vintage hair retro side

Retro Vintage Hairstyles

If you want to be just a little bit different than everyone else, try a retro vintage hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Women: Retro Vintage Hair

Thinning hair side

Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan thining hair

Layered hairstyles square face shapes side

Layered Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

Everyone's face shape is generally either oval, round, square, diamond, triangle, heart or oblong, and different haircuts and hairstyles suit each Read more...

Holiday hair cities side

Vacation Hairstyles for Different Cities

Victoria Beckham knows about certain places and their styles- noting LA's "laid-back" style in comparison to Britain's more dressy and posh "school ... Read more...

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Cute Hairstyles: Fun, Flirty and Easy Hair Ideas

Cute hairstyles suit celebrities too and are popular hairstyles because they're fun, flirty and easy. But don't underestimate them either: Cute hairstyles are sexy and striking and a popular choice for celebrities too. So you're wrong if you th... Read more...

Curly hair cured side

Curly Hair Cured!

People with curly hair seem to have a tough time. If you don't have curly hair, do some res... Read more...

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You Want a Hair Cut That Looks Casual?

Jessica Alba has a reputation for looking great even when she's at her most casual. And so do Read more...

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