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Hairdos in a Hurry: Short, Medium and Long

For those days, or the days when you want to pull yourself out of your styling rut, we've found some medium hairdos that will work with your natural Read more...

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Curly Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

Whether or not that new hairstyle you really want suits your face shape is probably one the most important things you should consider. And if you don't have a particular hairstyle in mind, then understanding your face shape and the kinds of hai... Read more...

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Easy Long Hair Styles

It's a bit of a misconception that long hair styles are all high maintenance and require massively long preparation and styling time. Long hair styles are... Read more...

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Skin Tone and Face Shape Essentials

While sometimes it might seem like this is hard to achieve, especially on those days when your hair is so uncooperative it’s too hard to even get a simple pony... Read more...

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Haircut Ideas and Where to Find Them

There are so many options for a new haircut, and since this is the case- since the possibilities seem endless- it can feel like an almost impossible task. So to make it easier here's a simple guide to what you should think about before getting ... Read more...

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Cool Hairstyles Depend on Who's Wearing Them

Getting a cool hairstyle is easy... and hard too. I'll ... Read more...

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Elegant Updo Hairstyles

Elegant means effective yet simple; something that is elegant is refined and has the quality of effortless beauty. A ballet dancer is elegant, a belly dancer is not; a simple white gold Rolex is elegant, a diamond encrusted one is not; Read more...

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Hair Makeovers in 10 Minutes!

Short Hair

Straight Short: Get Funky

Cate Blanchett hairstyles

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Diana


Name: Diana
Face Shape: heart
Comp...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Sue


Name: Sue
Face Shape: diamond
Complexion: fair to lig...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Cree


Name: Cree
Face Shape: oblong
Complexion: dark

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Penny


Name: Penny
Face Shape: oval
Comp...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- David


Name: David
Face Shape: oblong
Com...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members

Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members



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Hair Care Basics

Hair Care Basic # 1: Nourishing Your Hair

Eating a diet full of fresh food is essential for giving your locks the nourishment that they need and will make your hair more manageable.

Protein (eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy produc...

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