If your current hairstyle is aging you before your time then these hairstyle ideas will give you the inspiration that you need to create a youthful finish.


Model with highlighted hairLight highlights around the face will brighten up your skin and make you look more radiant. Keep them natural looking for the best results and stay away from bright or trend hair colors which will only age you further.


Model with shiny hairWhile some suggest keeping your locks to a certain hair length once you get to a certain age, if your hair is healthy and full of shine, the length doesn't matter. Dull, lifeless locks will automatically bring down your look, but shine-filled tresses will give you a youthful glow.


Model with jagged bangsBangs that flow over your forehead is the perfect cover for wrinkles. Ensure they are piecey so that your face doesn't get overwhelmed, and style them side-swept to achieve the most flattering finish.

Soft and Feminine

Model with wavy upstyleAny style that is soft and feminine is going to give you an age-defying look. When it comes to updos, any style that is slicked down or pulled tightly back is going to give you a very harsh result. Choose an option that is soft with its styling and features tendrils that frame your face instead.