Fun in the Sun

  • You should have your color done at least two weeks before going away so that the color will not instantly fade as soon as you hit the sun and surf.
  • Apply a deep leave in conditioner to your mid lengths and ends if you're out in the sun all day to protect and lock in moisture.
  • Keep your hair loosely tied back and under a hat. Hair grips and bands are a must have holiday item.
  • Use a color revival shampoo every other day to keep your hair color bright.
  • Extreme heat will cause your hair to expand, so to keep the frizz away, use a sun protection serum that will coat your strands and keep them in place.

Water Baby

  • Wet your hair with water before swimming to prevent too much chlorine and salt being absorbed.
  • You should always wash and shampoo any chlorine or salt water out of your hair as soon as you can after swimming. To prevent excess moisture from invading your hair shaft, make sure you nourish and seal in your cuticles with a pre-holiday treatment.
  • Get double use out of your sun-protection spray by making sure you apply it before and after swimming. The UV filters will help to screen out any seawater damage.

Ice Cold

  • Just because you're not holidaying in the sun doesn't mean your hair is not susceptible to damage.
  • Cold temperatures will weaken your hair and should be treated as you would when venturing into the sun.
  • Make sure to coat your hair with a protective serum to keep the elements out and the moisture in.