Worst hair 2008, it turns out, is quite controversial: controversial because some people think that it's judgemental nominating certain celebrities as having the worst hair of the year; controversial because some people think everyone has bad hair days; and controversial because some people thought we omitted certain celebs who definitely had worse hair than anyone else.

Well, come on people! These celebs are tough, and they're used to it! And also, if you ask me, the amount they get paid for their image means they're setting themselves up for criticism. We do apologize, however, for not nominating the following worst hair contenders: Jennifer Aniston, and Renee Zellweger- but perhaps you could tell us why you think they deserve the honor of being nominated?

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston

 Rene Zellweger hairstyles

Renee Zellweger

Anyhow, the unanimous winner of worst hair 2008, based on people's emails and comments, is...

Amy Winehouse!

And the reason's obvious really. In case you need convincing, check out our example of classic Amy Winehouse hair from 2008.

Amy Winehouse hairstyles