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Celebrity hair color ideas copy or avoid side

Celebrity Hair Color Ideas: What to Copy and What to Avoid

The red carpet might be the place for celebrities to promote their latest endeavors, but for the rest of us watching from the sidelines, it's also a great way to see the latest Read more...

Color treated hair advice side

Color Treated Hair: Haircut, Hair Color and Hair Product Advice

Use this advice to decide on the haircut, hair color and hair products that will make the most of your colored locks.



Hair color choices ruin your look side

Hair Color Choices That Could Ruin Your Look

The right hair color can

Getting home hair color perfect side

Getting Home Hair Color Perfect

When it comes to coloring your hair at home there are so many things that can go wrong, ... Read more...

Ombr  hair color dos and donts side

Ombré Hair Color Do's and Don'ts

If you love the look of this low maintenance two-tone color and can’t wait to try it out then check out these do’s and don’ts first.


Don’t Go Drastic


Perfect hair color hue pale cool skin side

The Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

There’s no better way to establish a classic look or make a splashy statement than with your hair color. Not only can you use your hair color to create an attention-drawing look, but you can also use it to highlight and enhance your ov... Read more...

Before and after hair color party hair makeover side

Before & After Hair Color: Party Hair Makeover!

With so many social events and parties crammed into the holiday season, finding a great look for your hair easily becomes part of a very long to do list. Getting a great party look doesn't have to be complicated though, and as our model shows, ... Read more...

Red hair color upgrade side

Red Hair Color Upgrade

The red hair color trend is showing no sign of slowing down, so if you want to try your hand at a red hue but don't know where to star... Read more...

Before and after hair color makeover side

Before and After: Hair Color Makeovers

Those searching for a way to update their locks without cutting their hair need to look no further than a change in hair color - as these before and after mak... Read more...

Hair coloring tips for grey hair side

Hair Coloring Tips for Grey Hair

Not just for changing your natural hair color or expressing your individualism, hair color is also a must have hair process if your locks are starting to look more salt-and-pepper than you’d like. So to help you successfully cover up your... Read more...

Hair color donts side

Hair Color Don'ts

While you might think choosing a hair color is as easy as picking the shade that looks good on the model on the hair color box, or the shiniest and prettiest looking color swatch at the salon, the fact is that there are plenty of ways to choose... Read more...

Hair color dos side

Hair Color Do's

While you might think choosing a hair color is as easy as picking the shade that looks good on the model on the hair color box, or the shiniest and prettiest looking Read more...

The best hair colors for olive skin side

The Best Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Those with olive skin have the great advantage of a sun-kissed glow all year round, so make the most of your healthy looking complexion and compliment it with a great hair color!

Like all skin tones, an olive complexion can fall into ei... Read more...

Blonde hair colors for pale skin side

Blonde Hair Colors for Pale Skin

While those with pale skin may shy away from going blonde for fear it will make them looked washed out, it is actually possible to wear shades of blonde with light skin, you just need to know which Read more...

No regrets hair color changes side

No Regrets Hair Color Changes

Color for Your Skin Tone

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