Anyone with long hair knows how versatile it can be, and how practically any hairstyle, whether it's a ponytail, funky braids, a half up half down hairstyle or an updo can be styled in long hair. Not to mention how fabulous long hair looks when left out and dressed up with curls, waves or poker straight strands!

But anyone with long hair also knows the maintenance involved in keeping those long lengths looking great, and how pulling off a fabulous style can turn into hours of styling. Long hair, however, does not have to be a chore, just keep these simple long hair tips in mind.

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  • Always treat your long hair with care by handling your hair gently and removing knots with wide tooth comb, starting from the ends of your hair and working your way up to your roots.
  • Keep your hair knot free and avoid roughing up your strands by loosely tying your hair back at night with a cloth covered elastic hair band and sleeping on a smooth satin covered pillow case or tying a satin scarf around your hair.
  • A full head of color can sometimes look wig-like on long hair so use highlights and lowlights in complimenting shades to create a natural looking hair color.
  • Use multi-tonal highlights to add depth and interest to long hairstyles (see Katy Perry's multi-colored highlights pictured below for a great example!).
  • Long hair can last 2 to 3 months without being trimmed, but regular trims will help to keep split ends at bay and ensure your long locks always look top-notch.

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  • Having layers cut into your hair can add shape and style without you have to lose any significant length.
  • When it comes to styling, consider making the most of your natural hair texture so that you don't have to spend hours getting curly hair strands perfectly salon straight when some hair mousse and quick scrunching could have produced beach-ready waves in less than half the time.
  • Use braids to cheat your way to luscious waves. Just braid damp hair before going to bed and then let your long hair loose the next morning for celebrity worthy waves.
  • Make the most of wash-and-wear hairstyles. A simple shampoo and some leave in conditioner to keep your strands nourished and frizz free will give you a carefree hairstyle that's low on maintenance.

To see how you'd look with any of these long hairstyles, click on the images for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo or our model.