While nothing permanent can be done to change the natural texture and structure of your hair, there are specific hair care habits that you can use to help keep your locks under control. To see how simple changes can work for you, add the following tips to your hair care routine…

Lighten Up on the Shampoo

Model with blonde bobFor well-behaved hair, shampooing is a must, but how often you shampoo does have an impact on your strands. Too much, and your hair can become limp, dry and un-controllable, not enough and it can become oily and smelly. Shampooing every 3 days is a good place to start and should leave you with clean strands that also have the chance to be tamed naturally by your hair oils in between washes. If you really can’t go without washing every day, lighten up your shampoo by diluting it with water before applying it to your hair. You’ll still get a clean, but it won’t be as stripping on your strands.

Hair Product = Hair Type

The hair products that touch your hair should always be matched to your locks if you want strands that behave. Regardless of brand or price, pick your options based on the texture and elasticity of your strands and you can’t go wrong!

Brush vs. Comb

Model with long red hairKnowing when to use a brush and when to use a comb is a simple habit that could reap big rewards. Combs should always be used on wet hair and to detangle. Brushes are for when you’re styling your hair. Brushing too much, with the wrong kind of bristles (always opt for natural), or when a comb is a much better option for your strands can damage your locks and result in hair that is unruly. Using the right tools, on the other hand, will help to keep your hair strands healthy and on their best behavior.

Air Dry vs. Blow-Dry

There’s no denying that blow-drying can be damaging on your locks, but you can reduce that damage and help your hair by implementing some easy habits. Limiting your blow-drying sessions to once a week is a good start. Ensuring your blow-dryer is on the coolest setting possible and allowing your hair to air dry as much as possible will also go a long way to naturally taming your hair.

Keep Your Hair Color in Check

Model with razor cut hairAnd we don’t mean by ensuring that it is colored regularly. Dying your hair is a chemical process that can be very taxing on your locks. The best way to limit the damage that causes your hair to behave badly is to only color when absolutely necessary. Changing your hue every few weeks will only result in strands that look and feel worse for wear. And when you do color, try to get it done at the salon with higher quality products and with your hair in the hands of a professional hairstylist. It’s also a good idea to opt for color work that is subtle, such as what will cover up greys or minimal highlights that will add a natural, sun-kissed vibe to your hair with as little dye as possible.


If there’s only one habit that you can stick to, ensure it is visiting your salon every 6 to 8 weeks. Trimming your ends will not only keep your hairstyle in check, it will also get rid of split ends, which cause all types of hair issues.

Clean Eating for Clean Hair

Our final hair care habit is also good for your well-being. Opting for clean, unprocessed foods whenever possible will help to keep your health and your hair in check. Veggies, fruits and all the good stuff you know you should be eating will be instrumental in keeping your hair very well behaved.