That's why at we have broken the steps down to give you the best guide to helping you find your wedding hairstyle in the most quick and convenient way.

Step 1: Start Looking

Our database has plenty of bridal hairstyles and can provide you with some fantastic ideas on styles that will suit you. It will also help you to select the perfect color for the day. It is a good idea to remember that the hairstyles can look a lot different on you depending on the models face shape, skin color, hair color and thickness of the hair, so if in doubt, upload your photo to get a better idea.

Step 2: Visit Your Stylist

Once you've found a picture of the style that you like, take it, and any other pictures that you like, to your hairdresser. Having as many ideas and pictures as possible will really help your stylist to help you, so, don't be shy.

If you don't have a regular hairdresser, don't panic! Ask friends and family who they would recommend. Another idea is to go into your local hairdresser's and ask if they have photos of other brides that they may have done previously. This way you can get a pretty good idea if the way that they do their wedding hairstyles is going to be what you are after.

Step 3: Have a Trial

A wedding hairstyle trial is the only way to know if the style you want is achievable and will be the look that you want. An appointment should be made at least one month before the big day and should be attended by you and either a bridesmaid or your mother. Asking too many people to be present can create confusion for you and your stylist as too many opinions will be thrown in. It is also important to make sure the person you take along has an opinion that you value and will recommend what will look good on you and not what they want you to have.

The trial day is also the day that you will need to take along your veil and any other accessories that you might be wearing in your hair. This is so that your stylist can fit any accessories in with the chosen style and also let you know if you will need to make any adjustments.

Step 4: Look After Your Hair

While at your trial, make sure to ask your stylist how they recommend you look after your hair leading up to the big day and whether you will need to wash your hair the night before the wedding or on the morning of your wedding.

Now that you know the steps, put them to use!