If Justin Timberlake's first solo album Justified started the distance from his boy band/pop roots, then his second effort, Futuresex-Lovesounds completes the job.

With its sound mainly based on dance tracks, the album successfully combines this element with RnB, pop and rap. If you're not a fan of dance music, however, the tracks do tend to sound very similar, and upon the first listen, the entire concept travels a thin line between being uniquely brilliant and repetitively annoying.

Highlights include the title track Futuresex-Lovesounds, the #1 hit "SexyBack", "My Love", and despite that fact that they both go for longer than seven minutes, "Love Stoned" and the slow jam, "What Goes Around". The funky songs are then unfortunately tapered off towards the end to make room for "Losing My Way" and the painfully slow "(Another Song) All Over Again". Despite this, the majority of the album is full of potential hits and is guaranteed to get even the clingiest of wall flowers off the wall and onto the dance floor.

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