While all the other 90s pop queens are busy acting (Mandy Moore), experimenting with new sounds (Christina Aguilera) and having babies (Britney Spears), Jessica Simpson seems quite content to stick to her pop roots and it's obvious on her latest release A Public Affair.

Released three years after Jessica's last CD, A Public Affair is a mish-mash of pop, disco, country, cheesy ballads and lite RnB.

The title song and first single, "A Public Affair" was a great summer hit (mostly due to the fact that it bordered on being a remake of Madonna's "Holiday") and sets the feel for the first half of the album which dips into 80s territory with "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," and "B.O.Y." before sinking into the sleepy "Walkin' 'Round in a Circle," "The Lover In Me," the laughable country tinged "Push Your Tush" and 40s inspired "Swing With Me."

Jessica waited until the last half of the album to breaks out the ballads with "Between You & I" and "I Don't Want To Care," which is the closet she gets to addressing her very public divorce.

Other than the already successful, "A Public Affair," the only other noteworthy track is the second single, "I Belong To Me" a slow jam which was originally only available as a bonus wal-mart download and was hastily added to the official track listing.

Although she has a voice, Jessica has unfortunately chosen to display it with a handful of songs that could have been recorded by the latest flavor of the month and has proven that she should leave the song writing to professionals who know that its not all about making the words rhyme.

A Public Affair is disposable, forgettable pop music at its best.

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