Beyonce returns to the music charts with her second solo effort B'day.

With a busy film schedule, Beyonce gave herself only two weeks to record this album which resulted in a short track listing of only 10 songs, most of which don't pass the 4 minute mark.

The opening track and lead single, "Deju Vu" kicks off the album and sets the edgy RnB tone which dominates more than half of the tracks. "Deju Vu" is cut from the same cloth as Beyonce's massive hit, "Crazy In Love" and also features rap by Jay Z. Unfortunately "Deju Vu" is no where near as good.

Highlights include the angry girl anthem, "Ring the Alarm," a song about a cheating lover which sees Beyonce growling and shouting her way through the chorus while an alarm bell rings throughout, and the slow jams, "Kitty Kat," "Irreplaceable" and the funky "Freakum Dress." Those after a ballad will have to wait until the last track to hear Beyonce sing, yet again, about a cheating lover in "Resentment."

The cd length may be on the short side, but Beyonce makes up for it by ensuring that each track is jam-packed with her powerhouse vocals. This over-the-top vocal show, however, does become very distracting at times and the funky beats, lyrics and production do come off as a little repetitive on the first few listens. Regardless, B'day is a departure for Beyonce from more pop orientated RnB and is worth a listen. One does have to wonder, however, what she may have come up with had she been given a little more time.

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