You would think this movie is your typical high school drama. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, but here is the twist - Duke wants Olivia, who wants Sebastian, who is really Viola whose brother is dating Monique, so she hates Olivia, who is with Duke to make him jealous, who is really Viola who is crushing on Duke who thinks she's a guy.

For all those who didn't get that, here is a better run down. When Viola (Amanda Bynes) finds out that her prissy school has cut out the girl's soccer team, things couldn't be worse. Then she finds out that her twin brother, Sebastian (James Kirk) doesn't want to go to his prep school because he wants to pursue his career in the music industry in London for two weeks. So, Viola decides to take his place while he is away and disguises herself as him.

What Viola doesn't count on though is falling totally in love with her fellow roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum). Duke in turn has a gigantic crush on the beautiful Olivia (Laura Ramsey), and to make matters more confusing, Olivia is in love with Sebastian, who is really Viola!

And the fun doesn't stop there because Viola's brother, Sebastian (James Kirk), comes back from London two days early to find out that he has been impersonated by his sister.

With even more twists and turns, She's the Man is a great movie full of lots of laughter.

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