At the age of 14, Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) is taken away from her friends and family in Vienna and left in Versailles, a beautiful royal court close to Paris, in an attempt to solidify harmony between the two nations via an arranged marriage with Louis (Jason Schwartzman), the Dauphin heir to the French throne.

For seven years Marie's marriage goes unconsummated and becomes the subject of concern and gossip as it is feared that she will never produce an heir. The distraught queen finds refuge in the arms of another man as her lavish world falls down around her and she finds it hard to cope with the everyday struggles and gossip she has to face in her position.

Opinions of Marie are high, whether it is for her impeccable style or her failure to comply with her subjects wishes as a Queen, and France looks on as the young lady slowly matures into a great wife, mother and Queen, only to have it all taken away from her in a bloody revolution which alters France's history forever.

Known for her long, luscious, blonde locks, Kirsten Dunst makes great use of her hair in her role as Marie.

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