Set in the 1930s, King Kong follows a movie crew on the way to the mythical Skull Island which is to be the back drop of producer Carl Denham's (Jack Black) greatest movie.

When the doomed Venture boat arrives at the shooting location, the Captain and crew immediately want to turn back. Convincing everyone that there is no danger, Carl takes his camera and actors onto the island where they are attacked by the primitive natives and lead actress, Ann is taken hostage to become sacrifice to King Kong, a giant gorilla who forms an unlikely bond with his stunning captive.

What follows is a dangerous adventure as the crew of the Venture risk their lives for Ann, and Carl ultimately gets his wish of creating a spectacle when he traps the "Eighth Wonder of the World", King Kong and brings him back to a modern world - which proves to be even more dangerous than the brutal and primitive world he ruled.

Peter Jackson and his team have created a special effect filled movie that is made by the performances of the actors. Jack Black and Naomi Watts are the stand outs and make the three hour film worth watching. The special effects that have gone into making Kong a living character work well, especially in his scenes with Ann, but look and feel overused in the adventure scenes of Skull Island.

Although viewers need to suspend belief in some scenes, especially a scene involving a dinosaur stampede where practically no one is injured or killed, the scenes involving Kong, Ann and their "relationship" are genuinely touching and are the real draw card in a movie that is bound to be one of the year's biggest hits.

For her role in King Kong lead star Naomi Watts sported a mid length blonde do that was styled into finger curls for a genuine 30s look. In real life she has kept to the length and styles her hair into loose waves. Visit our celebrity hairstyles gallery to see more styles from Naomi and our other celebrity hairstyles.