In this wonderful romantic comedy, Reese Witherspoon plays Elizabeth Masterson, an overworked doctor who, just as she realizes that she needs to live more and work less, is involved in a tragic car accident.

Not one to take death as an option, Elizabeth stays on earth, more specifically in her apartment, which has been rented out to David Abbott (played by Mark Ruffalo). When David realizes that he is living with a ghost, and one that he can see, he tries to help Elizabeth crossover.

But Elizabeth is convinced that she is somehow still alive and the two work together in search of the truth, in a journey that also sees them fall in love. Already a big hit at the box office, Just Like Heaven is a chick flick guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues.

In Just Like Heaven Reese's style is kept elegant and simple, with long blonde layers swept up to add shape and definition around the face.

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