In the romantic comedy Just Friends, Ryan Reynolds plays Chris Brander, a womanizing music executive put in charge of turning his ex, Samantha James (Anna Farris) from a spoilt diva into a singing superstar. En route to Paris, Chris and Samantha are forced to take a detour and end up in Chris's home town where they are stranded at his mother's house and Chris is forced to relive his memories of being an overweight high school geek.

To make matters worse, Chris comes face-to-face with, Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart) his inseparable best friend from high school who he harbored a secret crush on and who humiliated him at graduation 10 years earlier, when after hearing of Chris's love for her, gave him the "just friends" speech.

Ready to give wooing Jamie another shot, Chris has to balance getting out of the "friends zone" while keeping suspicious Samantha distracted and trying to edge out Dusty Dinkleman (Chris Klein), another "just friends" guy from high school who is also trying to win Jamie.

You'll have to see this hilarious comedy in theaters to find out if Jamie choose's Chris or Dusty, but you can check out the sexy, long and shaggy style of Chris Klein right here in our celebrity hairstyles gallery at